March 2022 Astro Magic Forecast

Astro Magic March 2022 

The bulk of the month is beginning the process of preparing for the astrological New Year, as the Sun moves into the sign of Aries on March 20th (11:33 AM EST/8:33 AM PST) 

After a long and challenging winter, seeds will begin to sprout, the air will start to warm up, and the promise of a fresh start is on the way. Since Aries is a fire sign, it’s time to focus on living our best lives and creating a path to make that happen. So, leave the past behind and focus on your intentions.

5 Magical Ways to Make the Most of Aries Season 

  1. Fire Magic: Do you remember when you were a child and how you blew out a birthday candle? Did you make a wish? Guess what? You were doing fire magic, and candle magic is one of its chief tools. You can use fire magic any time of the year, but it’s exceptionally potent while the Sun is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Other forms of fire magic are scrying, burning incense, and charging objects by the light of the Sun. Use fire magic if you are looking for a boost of energy or a bit of gumption.

Recommended: The Sun (Astro Magic), Energy and Will (Blessed Herbal), Success (Affirmation)

  1. Remove Obstacles: Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior god. Mars likes to fight, bash, and break things apart. Likewise, you can use the season to remove obstacles from your life. So, if you feel that a wall (in the form of a person or situation) is preventing you from getting what you want, use the season to BUST through it. Pro tip: Sometimes, that obstacle can be you!

Recommended: Mars (Astro Magic) Needed Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal), Outta’ My Way (Wicked Witch Mojo) 

  1. Start New Projects: Since we are starting an astrological New Year, it’s time to create new things. Aries season gives you the energy, conviction, and boldness to initiate, push forward, and get results. Make sure you use this energy while it is available.

Recommended: Road Opener (Motor City Hoodoo), Energy and Will (Blessed Herbal) Success (Blessing Kit) 

  1. Personal Power Magic: After 30+ years of doing astrology readings and life coaching therapy, I’ve come to understand that one of the problems many people face is that they do not own their power. Their spouses control them, parents, children, employers, and many fear social reprisals. Not claiming your power can lead to depression and a lack of satisfaction in life. You can use Aries season to take your power back and follow your path. This will lead to personal fulfillment, joy, and empowerment. 

Recommended: Mars (Astro Magic), Goddess (Affirmation), High John the Conqueror (Motor City Hoodoo) 

  1. Breaking Free of Negative Influences: Breaking free of negative influences is a close cousin to removing obstacles and personal power. Sometimes, dysfunctional dynamics can become an important feature in relationships (all of them), and it’s hard to change something once it becomes dynamic. However, many people may need to break away from toxic situations or toxic people, and Aries season can help you do that.

Recommended: Saturn (Astro Magic), Poof (Wicked Witch Mojo), Needed Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal)

Cosmic Overview 

The start of March features a stellium (3 or more planets) in Pisces. This is an excellent opportunity to do healing work, especially with Jupiter in his own sign. You will find that you are more sensitive to the needs of others and have more compassion and empathy. However, be careful with who you choose to help or support, because many may take advantage of your kindness. Spiritual work is another important feature to take advantage of before the Sun moves into Aries. 

Another interesting cosmic event that occurs in March is that there are 8 major conjunctions. In astrology, conjunctions are like New Moons. They reflect the beginning of a new cycle between the two planets involved. So, along with the energy available later in the month in Aries season, the plethora of conjunctions also point towards leaving the past behind and keeping our eyes focused on the future. Conjunctions are the most potent aspect, so make sure you take advantage of them. 

Finally, this month Jupiter forms a conjunction with Nessus, the centaur. Ordinarily, I don’t use the asteroids of the centaurs in the monthly forecast, but since Jupiter is highly dignified in Pisces, and considering world events, I feel this conjunction is important.

Astrologically, Jupiter is our urge to find meaning in life and the planet of expansion and growth. As he moves through the heavens, he gives us a glimpse of the big picture and fertilizes everything he touches. Therefore, a dash of Jupiter is great for financial prosperity and fertility magic.

Now, Nessus is a different ball of wax. He reflects life’s poisoning. In myth, Nessus creates a love potion of his own tainted blood and plants seeds of doubt into Deinara (Hercules’s wife) about her marriage. Deinara eventually discovers Hercules has several mistresses, uses the love potion on her husband, and ultimately kills him.

How many times have you been involved with someone, and outside forces filled you with doubt about them, and it ultimately led to the relationship's demise? Have you ever been told something and believed it was the truth, only to find out it was propaganda or flat-out untrue? In many cases, we believe things about people, places, and situations for long periods that are inaccurate. Since Nessus takes 120 years to circle the Sun, his process often takes a long time to recover from, which you can often see at work when people are deprogrammed from cults, suffer from PTSD, or other mental maladies.

This month, Jupiter’s conjunction to Nessus gives us the opportunity to heal from our poisons. Since Jupiter is highly dignified in Pisces (he rules the sign), he can do his work easily and offer us not only protection but deeper meaning as to why situations occur. If you do the inner work, this is a potent season that will lead to freedom and recovery. Don’t let life’s poisons destroy you. It’s time to break free! 

Recommended Candles for the Month of March: Jupiter (Astro Magic), Transitions (Blessing Kit), Healing (Affirmation), Mars (Astro Magic) 

Lunar Magic 

New Moon in Pisces 

The New Moon occurs this month in the sign of Pisces on March 2, 2022. This is an excellent New Moon if you need to do healing work, connect with your spiritual allies, find meaning and joy in your life, or supercharge creative projects. You can also use this New Moon to examine your dreams or do divination. 

Recommended: New Moon (Astro Magic), Intuition (Affirmation), Healing (Chakra Magic)

Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon occurs this month in the sign of Virgo on March 18, 2022. The Full Moon is a two-week cycle where we can release situations in our lives that are no longer working. You can use this cycle to break bad habits, remove negative or obsessive thought patterns, leave a toxic work situation, and open the doorway for something new. Since this Full Moon is opposed to Neptune, you can also use it to conquer addictions. 

Recommended: Full Moon (Astro Magic), Needed Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal), Outta’ My Way (Wicked Witch Mojo)

Weekly Breakdown 

February 28, 2022 – March 6, 2022 

We start the week off with the Sun sextile Uranus. You may feel more alert than normal, and you will crave excitement. Day-to-day monotony will just not do it for you, and you may need to tap into your adventurous inner child and explore new things. Furthermore, it’s a great time to make changes in your life, because Uranus will help you find new solutions to problems you haven’t been able to resolve. 

The middle of the week features not only the New Moon in Pisces (see above), but also Mercury conjunct Saturn and Mars conjunct Pluto. On Wednesday, it’s time to take things slow and steady and put plenty of thought into what you are doing. Mercury conjunct Saturn is an excellent day to put your efforts into projects that need mental focus. However, the energy shifts dramatically on Thursday as Mars conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. You may experience frustration, especially if you feel blocked or limited by outside influences. Mars-Pluto has the potential for altercations, arguments, and power plays, so avoid ruthlessly shady people. The good news is that if you use Mars-Pluto positively, it gives you fierce determination and the power to accomplish whatever you desire. 

This weekend, Venus and Mars move into Aquarius and finalize the conjunction they started to make before Venus turns retrograde in December. This may resolve long-term issues that you’ve been waiting on. Venus conjoins Mars on Sunday, which is wonderful if you use its energy to improve relationships or begin new ones. Since Saturn (the ruler of Aquarius) is highly dignified, and will help make relationship matters more stable. 

Recommended: Mercury (Astro Magic), Flying Monkeys (Wicked Witch Mojo), Love’s Enchantment (Blessed Herbal)

March 7, 2022 – March 13, 2022

After an extremely busy first week of March, the cosmos slows down drastically, with only one major aspect and Mercury leaving Aquarius and joining the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces. 

The week begins with the Moon moving through Taurus. The Moon in Taurus is about self-care and pleasure, so it’s a wonderful time to go to the spa, get your nails done, or enjoy a massage. Wonderful food is also a must when the Moon moves through the sign of the Bull, so indulge in some pleasurable culinary treats you enjoy. 

Midweek, Mercury moves into sensitive Pisces, and you may go into emotional overload because your receptivity to others will be on high. You may need to practice protection, ground regularly, and enact energetic shields while Mercury swims through the sign of the fishes.

This weekend, the Sun forms its annual conjunction with Neptune. It’s the time of the year to check in on your spiritual growth and look at your future spiritual goals. You may need to withdraw from others and spend some time meditating and communicating with your spiritual allies. Furthermore, you may be called upon to help someone in need. Remember to love others, but take care of yourself first. 

Recommended: Moon (Astro Magic), Answers (Chakra Magic), Spiritual Cleansing (Motor City Hoodoo)

March 14, 2022 – March 20, 2022 

The third week of March features a pair of Uranian aspects , a Full Moon in Virgo, and the beginning of the Astrological New Year. 

The week starts with the Moon moving through fiery Leo. On Monday, the Moon makes several difficult aspects that may leave you feeling like people are getting in the way of your agenda or obstructing your path. Arguments happen easily, and you may need to carefully pick your battles. Tuesday brings us similar energy, as the Moon opposes Saturn before she goes void of course. Feelings of self-doubt may take over unless you protect yourself wisely and push away negative thoughts.

The middle of the week brings a bit of relief, as Mercury sextiles Uranus. It’s an excellent time to break away from usual routines as much as possible. Be spontaneous and explore things that fascinate you. 

Besides the Full Moon in Virgo, this week features a difficult aspect between Venus and Uranus. Relationship issues may surface, especially if you’ve been ignoring the problems or holding onto your relationships too tightly. Try to reach constructive compromises that serve both of you equally. 

Finally, we end one astrological year and begin another as the Sun moves out of Pisces and into Aries. Use this time to focus on your magical/intention goals for the next year. 

Recommended: Protection (Blessed Herbal), Tranquility (Affirmations), Mars (Astro Magic)

March 21, 2022 – March 27, 2022

The fourth week of March begins with a beautiful conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury-Jupiter allows you to see the big picture and provides the proper foresight to get results. This conjunction’s energies are fantastic for business and commerce. However, be prepared for the energy to dramatically shift on Tuesday as Mars tangles with Uranus. You may feel restless and impulsive, and this can lead to a boatload (perhaps barge load) of problems. You may even try to rebel against forces blocking your momentum, and this could lead to tense moments and potential arguments. Try to be as proactive as possible. 

Midweek, Mercury conjoins Neptune in Pisces. You may find it difficult to focus on practical matters, and communication with others may be tricky. However, if you need to work on creative projects, Mercury conjoin Neptune delivers in spades because your imagination will be fruitful and ripe for the picking.

This weekend Mercury sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. If you need to get to the heart of the matter, this aspect will give you the determination to dig deep. You may learn valuable truths that you can use to your advantage. So, if you need to examine your life or solve difficult problems, now is the time. 

Recommended: Mercury (Astro Magic), Muse (Blessing Kit), Truth and Justice (Blessed Herbal)

March 28, 2022 – April 3, 2022 

Relationships that did not resolve themselves adequately during the Venus-Uranus square could prove troubling at the beginning of the week, as Venus conjoins Saturn in Aquarius. You may need to look at matters rationally and make decisions that are sound and stabilizing. Try not to alienate your partner, because that could make matters worse. For some, ending the relationship may be the best solution. 

Towards the middle of the week, the Moon moves through Pisces. This is an auspicious time to seek quiet time, meditate, and connect with spirit. Since the Moon conjoins both Jupiter and Neptune, your emotional sensitivity to others may force you to get away from it all and spend time alone. The good news is that on Thursday, the Moon moves into Aries, and your engine will rev up and you will get your mojo back. 

This weekend, the Sun forms a conjunction with Mercury in Aries. Sun-Mercury is great for socializing, lively conversations, and sharing ideas with others. It’s also an excellent day to make plans and set short-term goals. 

Recommended: Happy Home (Blessed Herbal), Inner Balance (Blessed Herbal), The Sun (Astro Magic)

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