25 Ways to Heal with Coventry Creations

Magic healing is real at Coventry CreationsAugust 2017 begins the celebration of twenty-five years of being in the business of helping people improve themselves and their life. Soon you will be inundated with 25 of this and 25 of that. All of it will be entertaining, eye-opening, and just plain amazing.

Jacki put me on the task of listing 25 ways our products help you heal. First and foremost, our products lead you into spiritual healing that can have the most welcome side effect of physical healing. We are not making claims that our products heal physical issues, but we know that when you set your intention, pray, and do your work, magic just seems to happen. We are happy and thrilled when people tell us using our products has helped them feel better in one way or another.

At Coventry, we will always believe healing requires us to take action and actively participate in raising our vibration, learn about ourselves, and let go of what no longer serves us. Grab a cup of coffee and please enjoy our list of 25 ways Coventry Products bring healing to your life.

And here we go,

  1. The CMO or Candle Magic Oracle. This is a deck of cards based on our candle products that help you pick out the perfect candles to guide and advise you in your current challenge. There are five separate categories on each card. Prosperity, Love, Healing, Protection, and Clearing. When you pull a card to help you in the area of healing use the candle suggestion and do your best to embrace the advice given about healing. You can use our online CMO or get a deck for yourself.

  2. I wrote a book called Healers Almanac, Jacki wrote Coventry Magic and together we wrote DIY Akashic Wisdom. All of our books take you down a path of learning about how to take care of yourself. Each is packed with tools that will support you while you learn. Much the same way our candles hold the space while you get your act together, take charge of your life and manifest prowess. All of our candles can become healing candles, but we do have some that are specifically for healing. Using the correct intention and understanding what your core issue is, is how we teach our customers to approach their dis-ease. I’ve listed them below and added a short description on how to include them in your healing journey.

  3. Healing Blessed Herbal candle. This has always been my favorite Coventry candle. The Honeysuckle is sweet and reminds me of a warm summer afternoon. If I were ever to call one of our candles an all-purpose healing candle it would be this one. I use it for all situations. The royal purple brings in the feeling of peace. Being in a relaxed state allow us to be more open and cooperative to what is needed for optimal health of all kinds.

  4. Inner Balance Blessed Herbal Candle is a soft blue that reminds me of butterfly wings. A perfect balance of strength and beauty. I recommend meditating with this candle when you are confused and don’t know which way to go.

  5. Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal Candle’s deep turquoise blue reminds us that the emotional waters run deep. When you are ready to get to the core of an emotional hurt you will need the support of a gifted healer and this candle. Keeping it lit while talking it out will give you the courage and honesty to face your pain and bring it up from the deep so it can be released to the sun for transmutation.

  6. Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal Candle. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. When you are overwhelmed with non-specific irritations, lighting this candle can clear your aura and your mind so you can see and know what is bothering you. This is also a great candle for clearing known irritants too.

  7. Problem Solving Blessed Herbal Candle. We combined this candle with the Healing and Protection candle in our Healing Blessing Kit. Part of the healing journey is understanding what you are actually healing. Use this candle to help you get to the bottom of why you are feeling out of balance.

  8. Protection Blessed Herbal Candle. Even the animals in the wild know they are vulnerable when they are wounded or sick. I recommend everyone burn this candle when dealing with an illness of any kind. It will keep you cloaked and out of sight while you recover and become strong again.

  9. Prosperity Blessed Herbal Candle. The amount of wealth we enjoy is connected to your state of mind and self-esteem. If you are wounded in either of those areas it will be reflected in your ability to create, attract and keep abundance. Healing your money illness is the same as healing any other dis-ease you may be suffering from. Using this candle along with the healing candle will open your eyes to why you find money continually slipping through your hands.

  10. Angel Affirmation candle is used for sending a prayer straight to the heart of the universe. Any time you need divine intervention for anything, including your health, call upon an angel with this beautiful candle. Tell them what you need with heart and soul and they will bring you all the light and love needed to inspire you, uplift you and maybe even create a miracle.

  11. Goddess Affirmation. Goddess energy is very powerful and not to be played with. There are many goddesses who are skilled in the healing arts. Brigit, Kwan Yin, Isis are a few. Spend some time searching for a goddess who specializes in the kind of healing you need, or, in meditation, ask for a goddess to come and help you. Find out who she is and then begin working with her. She will teach you and give you homework, because healing is an active process and you must take responsibility for yourself. Use this candle to keep the connection strong between you and the goddess.

  12. Guardian Protector Affirmation candle. I especially like to have this candle going for seriously ill children who have to be hospitalized. It gives me great comfort knowing the little ones are being looked after by powerful angelic forces. Combine it with the Healing Blessed Herbal candle or Healing Affirmation candle and know the medical team will be supported too.

  13. Healing Affirmation candle. Louise Hayes taught us that our thoughts are very powerful. When you say affirmations you are putting more energy into the positive outcome than the fear of what could go wrong. Let this candle and the affirmation on the label remind you to focus on perfect health. It will make the journey much easier.

  14. Meditation Affirmation. Create health in your life by making room for peace and quiet. Studies show that our nervous system need time to process stimuli to become relaxed and an over stressed nervous system causes a downward spiral of vitality. Take time out to meditate every day. The beautiful soft scent of this candle will make it easy to make a habit of it.

  15. Sacred White Sage World Candle. Sage is the sacred plant of the Native American people. They use it to clear and bless themselves and their spaces. We have borrowed this tradition and made it into a candle. It works the same way, but with less smoke. Clear out the negative energy that is manifesting in your life by burning this candle. We also have Wicked Good Smudge Spray that will clear your aura and space without smoke or fire. Both work brilliantly.

  16. Healing Blessing Kit. Our healing kit helps you create the safe space needed to explore the issues behind your physical dis-ease. Their energy will support you while you release yourself from symptoms currently challenging you. Use during a meditation, healing session or just after a doctor’s appointment.

  17. Good Karma Blessing Kit. Good Karma takes effort and commitment to personal healing. Use this kit to clear the Karma from lifetimes and generations back and bring your life back into balance. A balanced life is a healthier, happier life.

  18. Miracles Blessing Kit. A miracle happens when something good happens for us and we don’t know why or how that was made possible. Use this kit if you need a miracle but don’t know how to make it happen any other way than a divine blessing. Make sure you are grateful and pass your good fortune along to others.

  19. Jinx Remover Blessing Kit. This kit helps you take care of negative thoughts and actions from others that have collected in your aura or space. When this happens, all you feel is their ick, and may possibly fall into some back luck. Light these three candle to burn off others influence over you. It will also disintegrate the negative mojo you built up yourself. That is called self-sabotage. Be free of it all with the Jinx remover kit. You can get great results from the Uncrossing Hoo Doo candle and Reversing Hoo Doo candle too.

  20. Transition Blessing Kit. We recommend this kit for creating space for a positive change in your life. If your discomfort is caused by hanging on to something you need to let go, meditating with these three candles will help you get some clarity, become relaxed about letting go and draw to you the energy you need to heal.

  21. Poof Wicked Witch Mojo candle. If you need something to go away completely, this is the candle for you. It may seem silly to think you can poof! a problem away, but with the right attitude you can. There are some health challenges that are so scary you may want to face it with a little magic. At the very least, your body will know you are doing everything you can to bring it back to balance and health.

  22. Tornado Alley Wicked Witch Mojo candle. Standing in a strong wind can make you feel like your soul has been scrubbed clean. This is how the Tornado Alley candle feels to me when I use it to help me release the toxic energy from past hurts. When I just can’t clear it all on my own, I get help from the tornado.

  23. Van Van Hoo Doo candle. Next to the Sacred White Sage World candle this is my next go to for clearing the energy. Van Van takes it one step further and pulls in positive energy too. An excellent candle for managing Mercury retrograde shenanigans. When the stress of being ill is taking its toll, support yourself with some Van Van energy.

  24. Karma Kleaner Wicked Good Spray. This **it works. I spray it in the air and walk through the mist and then twirl around in it. I keep doing that until I feel like myself again. Whenever an experience makes you feel out of sorts or downright icky, spray and twirl and repeat.

  25. You’ve got a friend. If you ever need to discuss your situation and would love some help picking out the perfect Coventry product for you, call our staff at the Candle Wick Shoppe. We also offer all of our spiritual services and classes through our store. We are in friendly Ferndale, MI. Call us at 248-547-2987. www.candlewickshoppe.com.