5 Things Aunt Jacki Will Never Do After Being a Witch for 35 Years

For the past 36 years, Jacki Smith has immersed herself in the practice of witchcraft and magic, and she is ready to share some cautionary insights regarding the dos and don'ts of magic and manifesting.

    1. Curse people- We have all had someone in our life do something that left us feeling upset or hurt and our first thought was to get revenge. You may have even thought about putting a curse on them! Aunt Jacki advises against putting a curse on someone because it will leave you tied to that person for years. It is better to just send their bad vibes right back to them instead of getting involved with it.
    2. Do a Love Spell for someone specific- Having trouble finding the one? You are not alone! Number two on Aunt Jacki’s list is don’t do an in-depth love spell for someone specific in your life. If you have to do a spell to get someone to pay attention to you, they are not the one!
    3. Ammonia- Some old-school spells will say to use ammonia, some even call for it to be used in cleansing baths. Aunt Jacki says it's best not to use anything that is toxic in your spells. Keep yourself and those around you safe! 
  • Neglect to discard safely- If you are working on a cleansing spell, or any spell to get rid of negative energy, make sure to discard the things you used in a garbage far away from your house. Used candles, notes, pictures, anything! Throwing this stuff away in your home keeps it close to you, which is the opposite of what you want! 
    1. Leave spells unfinished- How is a spell supposed to work if you don’t completely finish it!? If you are using a candle, light it until it is done. Don’t use the same candle for multiple different things, that will interfere with the spells and you might not get the outcome you were hoping for. Once your spell is done, clean up your altar and dispose of the remnants so that your space is ready for the next!

    Remember to never leave a burning candle unattended. To learn more about magic tips and tricks, follow us on Instagram or Tiktok! @Coventrycandles