Crossed, Cursed or Jinxed? There is a difference!

Let’s begin at the beginning and define our language.

Causes of the Crisscross

A cross is entirely an internal mechanism that creates and recreates misfortune, over and over, until it is banished. We cross ourselves and create our own bad luck through continual negative self-talk, degrading patterns or behaviors, or a simple lack of belief in ourselves and our abilities.

Negativity is like a bad spirit that inhabits your heart, sending messages to your psyche that tear down your self-esteem and self-image. Believing in the negative self-image makes you seek out others like you even if you have to make them that way with your own negativity; tearing apart the people around you, seeking their flaws, and using your words and actions to widen those cracks to find their negativity.
Goodness knows it is easy to succumb to this negativity, which is why the goal is to keep rich and strong in body and mind. A spirit that is strong, fed, and healthy looks for others who are like them and stops self-sabotage in its tracks. It is more difficult to walk the path of vitality and strength, but it is infinitely more rewarding. My suggestion to help you along is the Truth and Justice and Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal candles. Looking into the mirror honestly will help identify the roots and emotional balance required to soothe our scarred spirits.


Spitting and Cursing

Curses, on the other hand, are a deliberate ritual or action to send continual negative energy and can be passed down through generations as a legacy. Curses come to us from the outside but are often rooted in our behavior or from the unresolved karma of our ancestors.

“Most dissertations on magical ethics tout the laws of harm none and karmic return. These adages are wonderful touchstones by which to measure your own behavior and intent. I personally do not completely subscribe to these rules. I think that they rely too heavily on an external force of punishment and not enough on the internal responsibility we all hold for our actions.” Jacki Smith, Coventry Magic

In essence, we are all self-centered, and sometimes our behaviors put us in these situations. We apply a harsher brand of ethics to the people around us, especially when we feel wronged. When we lash out and harm others there is always an underlying motivation and layers of extenuating circumstances.

The Protection and Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal candles will come in handy in curse breaking. Protection will keep you safe from harm while cleansing will help give you a clean slate; clearing you of your responsibility in the situation.



When someone thinks negatively of you and sends you ill will it be referred to as a jinx? It can also be called the Evil Eye, Bad Mouth, or simply negative energy. Again, even though this is from an outside influence it pays to look at our own part in the situation. Once again, the only behaviors we control are our own and our choices brought us to this place. The Needed Changes Blessed Herbal candle will help alter our own actions to stop us from getting back into the same space over and over again. Needed Changes also open the door for apologies and open us up to positivity once again.

Every human being has to deal with negativity in one way or another and it’s no good to stick your head in the sand and ignore it. The best bet is to face it head-on and understand what your contribution is to it. If you are reading this and thinking about whom in your life needs to understand what their contribution to the toxicity in your life is, you need to stop looking around you and start looking in the mirror. Negativity is not about others, it’s about US. It’s about the person looking back in the mirror at you and your part in the play.