Getting comfortable in your own skin

Welcome to 2015! Forget about some stupid unsustainable resolution and step into the most sacred journey of self-discovery!

This year, my staff had the amazing idea of taking them (and all of you) through the steps to creating a magical transformation in your life that I wrote about in my book Coventry Magic with Herbs, Oils, and Candles.

This process of transformation is one that we all naturally go through in our struggles to change and when we apply magical principles at the same time it can become a source of spiritual enlightenment and magic.

The first step in the process is called “Getting comfortable in your own skin”. This place of personal acceptance is critical to successful and long-lasting magic. With this acceptance, you are starting from a solid ground to grow from. When you start in a place of denial you are in a place of precarious balance where anything you build can come crashing down.

Denial reminds me of an old lullaby

Rock-a-bye baby, on the tree top

When the wind blows, the cradle will rock

When the bough breaks the cradle will fall

Down will come baby, cradle and all.

We try to soothe ourselves with a fantasy of what life is like for us; we soothe ourselves with anything that will validate that invention. We deny that we have set ourselves precariously up in the tree where no one can harm us and then are surprised when it just doesn’t work out. When you try to skip this step of owning and understanding where you are today, you are sabotaging the success of your magic before you even get started.

From Coventry Magic, p 37–

Get into your body in the here and now, love and appreciate yourself, and discover your own personal power reserves. You made it all the way through your life to today. You made decisions that good or bad, have kept you alive and relatively sane. You may not like it, but you can still love it, be it, and own it because that is who you are today, baby!

Take a look at all you have done to survive up until now. That is a miracle within itself; just escaping high school without more scars than you have is a feat! Own your survival and forgive yourself for the impossible task of doing better when you didn’t know how.

You are an amazing being right now in your current imperfect state. Forget about any stupid New Year’s resolution to be miraculously transformed into something that you cannot sustain. Celebrate that you are beginning a new journey of self-discovery this year. You are going to unravel the mystery that is you and find that core belief that informs the unhealthy decisions that you are making in your current life.

Now – let’s turn this into a magical experience and light a candle. Start with the Affirmation Goddess or the Blessed Herbal Stability and add in a protection candle (like Evil Eye, Fiery Wall of Protection, or the Blessed Herbal Protection candle to secure that soft mushy middle that you are about to open up.

Light your candles and say this variation on the Hindu prayer for the body

I recognize my body is the temple in which my spirit
and creative energy dwell.
I have created you from my need to have my spirit manifested on earth
so that I may have this time to learn and grow.
I offer you sustenance in many forms so that you may continue to
sustain my creative energy, my spirit, my soul.
I offer this to you with love, and a sincere desire
for you to remain free from disease and disharmony.
I accept you as my own creation. I need you. I love you.

Open up your favorite journal and start writing about who you are today. This is a discovery of you, your motivations, and your fears. If you feel persecuted or victimized ask yourself how you have contributed to this. If you find yourself impoverished, ask yourself what you are spending your energy and money on. If you find yourself alone, ask what about you is pushes people away.

You are taking a step out of being a victim where you have handed the power and control of your energy to another being. You are taking a step into empowerment where you build new healthy energy from within that you choose how it is spent – and may that be in a healthy way.

This is not a one-time event, but a month-long discovery process. Write every day or at least several times a week to dig deep into yourself and get comfortable in your own skin. Rock the cradle, fall out of the tree, and find yourself on solid ground where you can plant the seeds given especially to you by the divine and grow from there.