Going Within to Conquer the Retrogrades

Going within to conquer the retrogradesThese planetary shenanigans are getting to me. We are dealing with 7 planets in retrograde; Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron. At first glance, this is worthy of a minor freak out and a loose plan to take a month-long sabbatical, but before you book your flight to Tahiti, let’s take a look at what a retrograde really means.

Not all retrogrades are equal. The inner planets that are retrograde; Mercury and Mars, directly influence our daily life, emotions, reactions, and quality. The mid planet that is retrograde; Saturn affects the bigger trends in our life, our overall quality of work, resources, and structure of our life. The outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto affect our entire generation including our overall society and culture. These outer planets change the way we see each other and react in group think to the larger story. Chiron, actually considered a comet, influences our inner wounds and what kind of healing we will be experiencing.

Retrograde = review, regroup, renew, and release

When a plant goes retrograde, it’s time to stop and look inward before you act or react. A retrograde planet will show you where there are cracks in your foundation that need to be repaired before it brings the whole house down. August is an opportunity to go deep within and do the hard work that will bring big, life-changing results.

Mercury and Mars in retrograde will create a struggle with communication and motivation. Feelings are easily hurt, and you give up too soon. You may flash in anger quicker than normal and your words are either used against you or you cannot communicate what you really feel. Chiron in retrograde will make you question the identity you have established and push at all the walls and protections your ego has created. These retrograde planets give you the opportunity to dive into how you are communicating, and what you really feel about the situation at hand. You will be reacting from the wounds of your childhood, but you are given the gift of deeper healing.

Saturn in retrograde will make you question the identity you have established and push at all the walls and protections your ego has created. We tend to get a little stubborn when Saturn is retrograde and this time it’s in Capricorn, so we double down on that stubborn feeling and will cling to the defense system we have built around ourselves. This retrograde gives us the opportunity to look deeply at the fears we will be experiencing and understand how to heal them.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde are going to challenge the national stage. There will be even more issues with trust, truth, equality, and care for our society. We may see more protests, more scandals, and more paranoia. This is a time that will feel exhausting to you, even overwhelming, and may frighten you into freezing. You don’t have to freeze, you just have to watch and see what scandals unfold in your communities from local to national. If you are involved in that scandal, then tell the truth, stop with the excuses, and shut up when you are done.

Retrograde means to review, regroup, renew, and release what no longer works in your life. To do this you have to get real with your own agenda and ego and find those deeper issues that are ready to be released. Meditate and reach for the light of the divine. This is the habit that will get you through every retrograde, this is the strength that will help you uncover what is meant for you and what is a distraction.

With all the meditation you will be doing, you will have earned your Meditation Magic patch. I used to groan at the thought of meditation. I thought it was some great mastery of time-wasting stillness. I was not interested. Then I discovered that at its core, meditation is no more than finding the stillness that allows my higher self to communicate and guide me. Meditation and mindfulness is as simple as a slow breath to collect my energy. Just a moment of unwinding your stress from the day is meditation mastery.

Here is your formula for August’s retrograde:

  • Witches Union patch - Meditation Magic
  • Blessed Herbal candles – Heart & Spiritual Cleansing
  • Blessed Herbal oil – Stability
  • Motor City Hoo Doo candle – Van Van
  • Grounding stones such as Hematite, onyx, shungite, nuummite, obsidian or/and natural stone you have found.

Anoint all three candles with the stability oil, place them in their holders, and light them. Hold the patch, lean back, and just breathe. Focus on the center flames as you breathe in for 3 counts and out for 3 counts. Do this several more times as your release the tension in your face, shoulders, and heart. Let any thoughts flow out. When you have felt the drop and slowing of your energy, say the following, “Out of muddy tangled thoughts my soul blossoms with divinity.”

Let the stress of the day flow into your mind, bless it for the wisdom it created within you, and then let it go. Let go of all the external influence upon you, draining out of your feet. Let go of your panic, compulsion, and negative thoughts, bubble them up and out of your head, and let them pop. Take your time, they may get stubborn.

Anoint the grounding stone with the stability oil and dip the stone in the warm wax of each candle, rubbing it into the stone as best you can. Set the intent that this stone will help you stay grounded in your own truth and balance, protecting you from being pulled out of the center by these retrogrades.

When you feel centered and your meditation is complete, extinguish the candles and carry the patch and stone with you. Relight the candle regularly and repeat this short meditation to keep yourself in balance and clear-minded, out of the influence of the retrograde planets.

If your house or business is being affected by retrograde planets, you can keep the candles burning and anoint the 4 corners and thresholds of the building with the Stability oil.

Stay sane this August, don’t take things personally, and wait 24 hours before you express your anger at anyone. We will all get through this and be ok.

Remember, if you keep your magic close with daily practice, it will keep you close in its effectiveness and speed.

Keep living the magic, Jacki.