Heading for Easy Street

Heading for easy streetHealing our fear of success or failure as the case may be, will pave the way to an easy street. Even hard work will feel rewarding when we have put the anxiety around taking a risk and going for something to rest.

I have a lot of personal experience with this. Try as I may to stay small and to myself, I have been not been successful at that. For some reason, I am continually compelled to do more with my life than watch the parade go by. I’ve often wondered where the impulse to want more came from. Was it a competition? Was I basically comparing myself to others and responding to the call of survival of the fittest?

Then I realized that there is a part of me that is much more enthusiastic about having the experience and not necessarily tuned into the risks or outcomes. It was the journey that interested me more than anything. That seemed very odd and not like me at all. I know I’m interested in outcomes and the rewards, especially the rewards. Who is the other person inside of me? Well ask and you shall receive. Recently I’ve learned that the compulsion I experience now and again is a prompting of my soul. I have to say here, that the prompting of the soul has been a bit sugar-coated. Many have compared prompting to something that will lead to great success, riches, or dynamic fulfillment. Very much like a fairytale and very much like the search for a soul mate. Another fairytale for another day.

Listen to the still small voice.

Our soul prompts us to have experiences we can learn from, period. There are no guarantees about anything, except, we will have an experience. If you haven’t heard about my epic book launch fail, which falls into the category of a soul prompt, here are the highlights. I wrote a book and hired someone to guide me through a book launch with Amazon.com. I had to do so many things I absolutely did not think I could do, I nearly quit, but I stuck with it, and I did it pretty well. On the day of the book launch, after months of lots of writing, radio talk shows, strict deadlines, and wrangling influencers, I found out that I missed a detail. It was a pivotal detail. I forgot to let Amazon know what I was doing, nor did I send them extra books to sell. That was an epic crash-and-burn moment for me. I was sure there was no way to fix this. Really there wasn’t, but I survived it. I had dreams of how amazing it would all turn out and the best I could do was say, I had an experience. In hindsight, I learned a lot and grew a lot, and brought out a side of me I didn’t know existed. Still, my ego was crushed. My soul on the other hand soared in the glory of it all. Even through the tears, it was overjoyed with the drama and a chance to entice Patty into doing something she was terrified to do. Like a mama bird pushing the baby out of the next. This is why I call people who have romantic ideas about following their soul, sugar coaters. It always starts out as a good idea, exciting even. LOL

What I personally learned is that failure cannot and should not be avoided at all costs. Failure has its place too. Even though my book launch failure did not have the outcome I wanted. Believe it or not, on other levels it was a success. I am more open to trying new things, taking risks, and investing in myself. Needless to say, it changed me for the better. Does the path to easy street need to be launched from failure? No, absolutely not. But, if something happens on the way, know that you can recover and keep on going, just in a way you didn’t foresee. Soul promptings don’t leave us hanging either, but anxiety and despair can certainly close us off from hearing their clear yet still small voice. Certainly, there are promptings after the fall too. If I had been wise enough and less hard-headed to listen to my soul, it’s possible I may have been inspired to envision how the day of my book launch would play out and it would have occurred to me that I needed to send books to Amazon.

It’s possible I would have been inspired to ask for more help from the tools I know so well and recommend to others. I could have lit a Come to Me Aunt Jacki's Ultimate Candle to make sure I stayed upbeat and confident. I would have definitely sprayed my office and my aura with Easy Street Wicked Good Spray to make sure my anxiety level was kept in check. How many times have we missed important details because of the blindness anxiety can cause? Now I get to learn from my mistakes and apply them to future adventures. I hope my story helps you prepare yourself properly for seeking success in your life. A lot of it is about breaking free from your own limitations. You have to use personal will, courage, and your soul to do that. There is an old saying; “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” A life lived with nothing gained could feel like a life wasted at the end of the road. Do something – anything, and do it on your own terms. It’s your journey and you are the only one taking it. I am not the bravest person around, but the risks I take challenge me to be a better person and learn about relationships, money, creativity, love and so much more in a way that has uplifted me and helped me mature spiritually. Your soul is calling, go for it, listen, and follow as best as you can.