It doesn’t exist until you write it down

There is a rule in my business, it’s not real until you put it in an email. We have lots of conversations about lots of things and nothing seems solid until we commit to it in written form.

This saves us from stressing out over random passing comments that were not followed through on or being delayed in a project because someone thought they shared a detail. That rule has saved jobs and sanity and relationships because it’s not real until you can take a moment to commit to it and share it with the people involved.

It’s the same rule I use when it’s time to make a change in my life. It’s not real unless I write it down and commit to it. From cave drawings to hieroglyphics to journaling and vision boarding today, there is great magic in committing ink to paper and writing out your goals. When you take the time to write it out, you are committing to the next step in your change.

No profound change ever happens by thinking really hard at it. Our thoughts are very slippery, elusive, and nebulous. Our thoughts change on a whim and are muddled with everything from the dirty dishes in the sink and wondering if those pants give you a muffin top. Our brain is a miracle of complexity and it is processing every input in every moment making it impossible for passing thoughts to hold enough power to manifest on their own. It’s a powerful start, and a necessary one for without that thought and inspiration you don’t have anything, but it is also where you stall in manifesting something because a shiny object in your mind just caught your attention.

When you write it down you are flowing that thought into a physical state. You are not only planting the seed, but you are deciding which seed you want to plant and setting your sights on how big the fruit it bears will be. When you write down your intention you are… “Committing to the outcome of your spell and personal transformation.” Coventry Magic p 41

Honor yourself and take a moment to care for and communicate your desired change by writing it down. This tells every level of yourself what your intent is and helps to get all of you in agreement and on the same page. If you keep it all in your head, the rest of you doesn’t take it seriously.