Live the Magic Cleaning Up the Junk From Bad Ideas

It seemed like a good idea at the time…

This has been my response a few too many times in my life and I don’t think I am alone in this. Enthusiasm can get the better of me, my hand goes up all on its own to volunteer and promises bounce all around and get me into trouble, because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now what do I do?

Those failed ideas that will be filled with such promises, or those unfulfilled promises that were once a good idea, litter up your energy and create obstacles. Surprise! Your really good idea that you are motivated to work on and manifest fully keeps hitting roadblock after roadblock. It doesn’t make sense that you are getting waylaid. Your plans are in order, your support system is in place and you have even taken your vitamins, so what gives?

What gives is you. You already gave. You gave energy and promises to old ideas that have accumulated around you. Ideas, good or bad, that were filled with passion became thought forms. These thought forms are trying to play out those old personal promises of success without the ability to manifest. You have pockets of energy that are stuck in a repeating pattern and if you have enough of them, when you try and move forward with a new plan, it pulls you in and sticks you too.

When you find yourself in that repeating pattern, it is time to clean up the junk from the bad or ineffective ideas from your past. It’s not hard, but you just have to pay attention and make the changes on all levels. Here is a quick magical Idea makeover.

Clearing out the old idea junk:

Needed Change, Spiritual Cleansing, and Truth Blessed Herbal Candles.
Uncrossing Hoo Doo Oil (now Aunt Jacki's Ultimate)

Tangled-up ball of yarn (it doesn’t have to be large and if you need to tangle it, just unravel it in a sink of water and vigorously swish it around for several minutes. Drain the water and let it dry as is.
Pair of scissors.

Create a space where you can safely sit in the center of the three candles burning. (It’s best if the candles are not on the floor with you, but on higher surfaces around you.)

Light the Truth candle first – verbally set the intention to uncover your hidden truths, beliefs, and fears around manifesting your ideas.

Light the Needed Change candle next – verbally set the intention to break free of your old patterns.

Light the Spiritual cleansing candle next - verbally set the intention to clear the old patterns out of your energy field and life habits.

Sit in the center of these candles with the tangled ball of yarn. Anoint it in your forehead, crown, and feet with the uncrossing oil. Put a few drops of oil in the yard as well.

Roll the yard in your hands and think about the ideas in your past that have not worked out. Bring up the emotions, disappointment, frustration, elation, passion, and frustration from all of those ideas, and let that energy flow from your heart into your hands and into the yarn.

Then take the scissors and start cutting the yarn. Don’t try and untangle it, just cut it up into small unusable scraps while verbally talking out what you are releasing; every old idea and emotion and say, “I release that negative pattern”.

Keep going until you run out of ideas and yarn.

Gather up all the bits and scraps and dispose of them in the garbage.

You will instantly refill with your current idea and excitement. Write down your thoughts, ideas, and plans as you are in a very magical moment.

Now go forth and live your magic every day!