Magic Without Passion is just Posturing

Magic without passion is posturingThe power behind your thought is passion. When you’re positively passionate about your work, it’s beautiful. When you are negatively passionate about your work it’s tragic. It’s still beautiful, even though its beauty comes through surviving pain. If you don’t have any passion your thoughts don’t go anywhere.

It’s our emotions that launch our ideas into action. Until that happens, your efforts will be a lot of posturing and arm waving. The result is words with no substance, a project that sucks the life out of you, and a magical spell that goes piffle.


How then, do you ignite your passion?

For the timid, igniting passion is a breakthrough experience of facing and releasing fear. For the uninspired, it’s about waking up to your calling and then answering the call. For the angry, it’s about channeling your fury in constructive ways and building something that feeds and inspires souls. For the already passionate, it’s about fanning the flames and keeping them alive with commitment. The key ingredient is you and your desire and will. Developing a strong will and focused desire and keeping it that way is what empowers your passion which then propels your magic out into the world.

To keep this in a straightforward explanation. In order to manifest your magic, no matter what it is, you need an idea, a desire to express it, and the willpower to act on the desire. Your passion is actually your desire and will combined. You need both because they work together, like the right and left foot make walking possible. If you are not familiar with the feeling of desire, you can start by reflecting on your first crush. Remember how everything you thought and felt was filtered through your feelings for that person? Igniting your passion is very similar. It becomes the motivator and guide behind your decisions. I was like that in high school when I was crushing on a particular guy. I found myself changing my route during class exchange. Daily, I found myself, “running into him” in the hall. I also started getting interested in things that he was interested in. My world got a little larger because I opened my eyes to his world.

The same thing happens when you get a crush on your magic-making. Your whole world opens up as you find yourself consciously and subconsciously excitedly seeking out all the elements that support your work. Your every thought, word, and deed guides you to the next step in manifesting your desired outcome. You are more driven and don’t let pitfalls get in your way and when you are off track you can feel it in the pit of your stomach. GPS is locked and loaded.

Those are the symptoms of being passionately ignited. What do you do when you don’t have those feelings? It’s time to go to work. You have to find out why you are not giddy and almost obsessed. This takes personal reflection, being extremely honest, and probably some dumping of old outdated beliefs. We have a delicious process in our book DIY Akashic Wisdom called “The Process”. It will guide you through facing fears, letting go of old beliefs, and breaking down personal blocks. Pick up a copy and review the chapter before doing your own self-healing meditation. Look through our website and pick a few candles to burn to support your work.