Old Wives tales, Reiki and Magic have Something in Common

Truth has a way of surfacing no matter how far we go in another direction.Old wives' tales, folklore, reiki, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, Tai Ch’i, shamanism, spiritualism, and magic have something in common. They have a rich tradition of working in harmony with what is found in nature to help us heal our body, mind, and emotions.

They also work with natural law so the innate intelligence within us can restore health while still honoring the balance found in the world around us. There is very little waste in this system and all expressions of life are respected and put back into proper relationships with each other so we can all thrive.

In modern medicine, we find this philosophy in chiropractic medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, flower essence remedies, and in mind-body therapies like the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, and Quantum Techniques. All of these methods work to restore health by supporting our wellness with a holistic approach. They build on the healing principles from the past with more understanding of how everything works together. I have experienced many of these healing modalities and they all include spiritual energy and my evolutionary process in the remedy picture. No part of the individual is left out as if to do that would cause another imbalance and incomplete healing.

Truth has a way of surfacing no matter how far we go in another direction, for whatever reason.

When trying to fix things, we can lose sight of the importance of how synergetic life is. How the body works is fascinating, but it’s so much more than its collection of parts and it’s not as independent as it looks. Modern medicine is learning that we are much more than a bag of chemicals. There is something else there that keeps the body in balance and healthy. The secret to health is not so mysterious if we get back to the very reason why balanced living is so powerfully healing. Not a forced balance, but one that respects and follows natural laws.

Advances in the study of cancer have been flirting with this idea for a while now. As the rogue cells are observed, scientists are learning about why they freak out and it has a lot to do with cells trying to find harmony and balance again within themselves after something has damaged them. Some go as far as to say that the cells may be returning to their basic or original form or primordial self. Very interesting idea. Isn’t that what we do when our lives get trashed? We say, “Hold on, I’ve got to simplify here or get back to my center or my roots.” We look for something that feels real to us. We get back to our traditions and things we know intimately.

Uncontrolled growth for the sake of expanding and growing does not stay in harmony with everything else. It takes over, it’s greedy and self-centered. At some point, it makes us crazy or dead. The need to always strive for more, even when we have enough is a sickness that starts in the mind and moves deep into the body if not reconciled. It’s not until we recognize the insanity of this lifestyle do we crave to stop and look at our relationship with others and the planet for that matter. If we can see that our greed will eventually come home to roost and change our attitudes and actions, balance can be restored and health returned. All of the alternative and integrative therapies and medicines available can and will help us detox from the side effects of living life out of balance. And they work.

An allopathic doctor or scientist may not have empirical evidence or be able to repeat someone’s success in a lab, but that doesn’t matter. Living in balance is not necessarily a cookie-cutter experience. Each of us has to determine how we are wobbly and make the proper corrections that work for us. Often those adjustments and choices are unique. This is why it’s so important healers look at their clients in a holistic way. We each arrived at our brokenness through our own journey.

Let’s do a candle ritual that can lead us back to the beginning of our divergence from living in harmony with all of life. When we get there we can let the truth guide us back to the center. You’ll need an Ancestor Blessed Herbal Candle for this meditation. Prepare to go on this little journey by creating a sacred space. Call upon protective energy and protective guides to surround you. Light your candle and take a few slow deep breaths to get relaxed. Now bring your awareness to the center of your heart chakra. Imagine you see a door. This is the door to your Akashic Records. Not the Akashic records, your Akashic records. Before you open the door state your intention for visiting your records. “I would like to find the core reason for (state what is out of balance in your life), understand it, and heal it, with the help of my guides and loved ones.” Affirm that you are to be taken to your Akashic records high above the psychic realm and nowhere else. Next, reach out and open the door and walk into your Akashic record room.

From here it’s up to you and your guides. Ask a lot of questions and be prepared to answer a few yourself. You may need to listen to a story. When you find what you are looking for, it’s time to decide what you want to do with it. Do you, keep things the same, change them a little or change them a lot? You may need to let go of habits, judgments, pain, and things you believed to be true. You may need to forgive and ask for forgiveness. You may need to surrender it all so you can move forward, even when you don’t understand what happened and why. Once you have processed your choice, ask for healing, a renewal of your energy, and a clearing of your Akashic records to reflect the new you. St. Germaine and his violet flame are a very powerful ally in this part of the meditation.

After things settle down, it’s time to thank your guides and loved ones and leave your Akashic records. Come back through the door, close it, and slowly come back to your life feeling renewed. You can always go back for another visit.

For more information about the Akashic Records, see Jacki’s and my book DIY Akashic Wisdom, accessing the library of your soul.