So you want to see auras?

So you want to see aurasI’ve been teaching psychic development for quite a while now and the funny thing is, I don’t see auras. I experience them. My third eye says, nope, we are not seeing that stuff. Not yet. The majority of my students come to class with the goal to learn how to “see” auras and I tell them, there is more than one way to see an aura and yes, if you don’t already, eventually you will be able to see the beautiful colors of the aura.

I’d like to put down a little refresher about our psychic equipment right here. We all have the equipment. There are no economy body styles that come without certain equipment to make them more affordable. We all drive luxury models with all the bells and whistles. It’s just that some of the apps are not active. We activate or turn them on as we grow as spiritual beings. As with all tools, we both learn and earn them. It takes skill and power to operate our psychic tools. HA! I guess you could say they are power tools. Like all power tools, they need a source of power. The source of power for our psychic abilities is our spirit and the creator powers up our spirit.

When we want to “see” an aura we engage in clairvoyance. We have to develop this ability and it does take lifetimes of training. Don’t be discouraged, the engagement and opening of this power are gradual and you will be able to see into the non-physical or heaven worlds when it opens. This gift is a direct by-product of our maturing spirit. Our own higher nature is who activates our clairvoyant gift. If we prove to our higher nature that we are ready for second sight, the naturally occurring opening will commence and we will behold the beauty and majesty of the psychic/astral realms and beyond.

The first step in becoming more perceptive is to become consciously aware of your psychic and spiritual senses. Without this awareness, the stimuli coming through these non-physical senses will be experienced as intuition. This is why I say to my students, there is more than one way to “see” the aura. You can intuit it. Which is what I do. As you are growing into you’re your psychic skills, developing your intuition will prove to be a very accurate way to receive information.

My teacher, Barbara Martin explains further, “Metaphysically, intuition is an unconscious spiritual perception. It’s very important to develop your intuitive power, as this helps to prepare you for more conscious spiritual experiences.”

Here she is saying, don’t be too concerned if you are not seeing colors or shapes. You will, but you first need to be very good at receiving intuition. In this way, you are preparing yourself to be more conscious of what the psychic and spiritual senses are perceiving. The next step in developing your psychic abilities is understanding your mind.

It’s all in your mind. This is funny but not a joke. Intuition, second sight, and clairvoyance are all activities of your mind. Note: your brain is not your mind. This is where the physical meets the metaphysical. We need our brain as it is the physical part of the process, but it’s our mind that lets us be in both worlds.

Understanding how the mind works is a huge topic and needs to be learned from a metaphysician like my teacher Barbara Martin, The reason I bring this up is that you cannot fully understand how to develop your psychic abilities without working with your mind. You need to clear it of all its bad programming and connect it with the highest part of you. When your mind is a fine-tuned receiving station for psychic impressions your intuition can be spot on and you will be on your way to becoming a clairvoyant.

Without mental discipline and sparkling clean tools, we can fall into the booby-traps of the psychic (astral realms). The list is daunting and I know you’ve seen it happen to others. 1. Self-induced hallucinations don’t do much more than boost the ego. 2. Visions and messages created from lower or even evil sources that trick and manipulate us for their own purposes. 3. Nightmarish visions of doom and destruction that are not true frighten us. The astral realm has all kinds of energy in it and your powers of discernment need to be strong and well-defined so you can travel it safely.

This does not mean everything of a more serious or even scary nature is inaccurate or false information. I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know there are traps and you can be misled. Many people use their psychic abilities very well and “see” auras as they really are. Those are the people who have earned their gifts. You will too.

On the way to becoming a truly gifted psychic and clairvoyant, there are a couple of Coventry Creations products that can be quite supportive of your process. Check out our Clarity Chakra Magic candle. Light it when you are doing your meditations to clear and heal your mind and third eye. Our Blessed Herbal Truth and Justice oil is great for revealing the lies you entertain. Anoint your chakras with this oil before a meditation where you purposefully work to release illusions, false beliefs, and lies you’ve absorbed from others.

Best wishes on your journey and keep working on your skills. Don’t give up and don’t take shortcuts, they will only divert you and delay you from achieving your goals.