Spiritual Remedy for a Boiling Pot

Spiritual remedy for a boiling potThe pot is not only about to boil, it is boiling and you don’t feel you have the wherewithal to respond to it. When your cup is full, life takes on a completely different hue. It’s tempting to slide into your lowest common denominator when you know you can’t get it all done, or there are too many stressors, or too many bad things have happened. 

When I am “overwhelmed” I have to fight the “woe is me” tears and the temptation to believe that I’m in the weeds and all is lost. I also fantasize about a tragedy happening that will take me outta here and make all my stress go away. When my cup is full and I’m reacting in this way, it’s time to pay attention to me.

Tipping the scales of stress causes real emotional, mental, and physical harm

The ones most commonly in our face are divorce, getting fired or laid off, death of a loved one, serious illness, a tumultuous political climate, and moving or losing a home. Having one of these events happen is hard enough, but when two or three happen at the same time, it could be curtains for you or possibly the funny farm. The year my mother-in-law passed, we moved, my car took a crap, my husband was unemployed and my mother was very ill. We were both feeling a tremendous amount of pressure. It was a miracle we didn’t start drinking heavily to escape the pain of it all.

Instead, we chose to lean on what we had, each other, and our faith in our spiritual practice. I’m not one to turn my attention to God when the pot started boiling over. I’d like to say I was stronger than that, but this time, I was not and I learned quickly that I didn’t need to ask for forgiveness for being a foul-weather participant in my spiritual practice. But, I had to ask for help. Apparently, we get unlimited chances to reconnect with spirit and not much happens until we reach out and invite the light in. There is that free will clause again.

These healing magic articles are my way of offering some self-help solutions for life's challenges. Today we’ll talk about dealing with being overwhelmed and coming through to the other side, better for the experience. I’ve found that honesty is the best policy. Tell someone you are overwhelmed. Tell yourself you are overwhelmed. Hearing yourself admit you are in the weeds interrupts the “OMG we’re all gonna die” thought pattern circling your mental drain. It also opens up an opportunity for a conversation and some problem-solving or an invitation of a shoulder to cry on. Let some steam off. Do what you do to burn up that excess adrenaline flooding your bloodstream. You may be in the middle of fight or flight! Walking or running or riding a bike can send primal signals to your brain that you got away and you survived. This will do wonders for you and you will have avoided a miscommunication with your survival instincts. When you are overstressed, MOVE. The brain only registers stress. It can’t say oh, this school stress, not a life-threatening situation. All stress is bad for the brain and nervous system.

Meditate regularly, even if it’s for only a few minutes. This helps you get away from additional stimuli you don’t really have space for and allows you to download all of your thoughts and feelings. Try this creative visualization. In meditation, picture a large window in front of you. As a random thought comes to the surface watch it float toward the window and disappear through it. Keep this up until your mind is quiet. Spending time in the quiet will give you much-needed rejuvenation.

Get to know your spirit guides. We all have a guardian angel or guide. Talk to them and let them know you are hurting. Ask them to surround you with purple light. Breathe it in and imagine it filling your nervous system. This light will calm it and bring you the feeling of peace you desperately need. Schedule some time with a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, or both. Stress can get lodged in both your physical body and your energy field. Having a practitioner work that out for you feels awesome and is very nurturing. Employ some Coventry Creations magical candles. They will help you change your energy and the energy around the situation. Whether you are using a Blessed Herbal Spiritual Cleansing to uplift your mood, or a Blessed Herbal Prosperity candle to you give you hope, there is a magical solution to just about every situation you face on the Coventry Creations website.

My very favorite thing to do when I’m overwhelmed is to give my problems over to God/Goddess. I visualize myself walking up the giant marble staircase and placing my box of woes on the altar. Then I say a few words, give thanks, listen then walk away and let it all go. I always feel better as I acknowledge and renew my relationship with my creator.