Steps to Finding your Magical Familiar

Steps to Finding your Magical FamiliarWe hear the terms: witch’s familiar, magical familiar, spiritual familiar, which all relate to an animal to who you are esoterically connected, but what we need to understand is that your magical familiar, or whatever term you identify with, is an actual living animal.

Most of us were introduced to “magical animals” through movies, television programs, or even books. A Witch’s Familiar or animal guide was believed to be a supernatural entity that would assist witches in their practice of magic. This makes complete sense as there are many magical deities that are depicted with specific animals along with the stories that are told about them: Athena is shown with an owl, Anubis with a jackal, Ma’at with an ostrich, Bast with a cat...the list is long. Yet, the witch is always shown with a black cat which is perpetuated in various media. So how do you find YOUR familiar?

Is there a certain type of animal always around you? Is there a certain pet that you bond with? It could be a cat, a dog, a frog, or the owl that hoots outside your window. Do you find that there are certain animals that bring you a semblance of peace?

Here is how you find your magical familiar:

  1. Place the Goddess Affirmation candle in a candle holder
  2. Arrange the Pet Blessings Blessed Herbal Blessing Kit in votive holders on the left, right, and in front of the Goddess Affirmation candle.
  3. Set your intentions by saying “may my familiar make itself known to me”
  4. Repeat this intention as you light the Goddess candle and each of the Pet Blessing kit starting on the right and moving clockwise.
  5. Allow the candles to burn as you settle into yourself. Pay attention to your senses and your thoughts. Once you have a clear picture of your familiar extinguish the candles.
  6. If your magical familiar is your pet, wonderful! If your familiar is not your pet that’s okay, too!! Either way, you are now in a great position to attune and connect with the energy of your familiar. You can do this by burning the Soul Mate Affirmations candle in a candle holder. Set your intention of gratitude by saying, “I am excited about working with you. I am grateful for our connection and I look forward to deepening our love and friendship.”
  7. Burn the Soul Mate candle daily for two hours until the candle burns out.
  8. Your spiritual familiar is closer than you think.
  9. If your spiritual familiar is your pet you can do this to create a closer bond with your spiritual familiar. Using our Witches Union Magical Adept Witch’s Familiar patch and sitting with your pet, hold the patch to its heart and say the following:
  10. “By fur feather and scale, I honor my magical partner and pet.”
  11. Hold the patch to your heart and repeat this same blessing. Spend time communicating, petting, and loving your familiar, strengthening your connections and magic.

Remember: A witch’s familiar is grounding, energizing, protecting, and comforting. This shows us that all pets are magical in their own way. A magical adept knows that a familiar is their magical partner and brings a unique essence and depth to their magic. Wear this patch proudly if your pet brings unique magic and love to your life.