Tap Into the Roots of Money Troubles

LTM JulyI love teaching a class called “Shake your Money Tree”, because it gets everyone charged up and inspired to make some money magic of their own. Often we practice our prosperity magic as a bunch of one-offs that solve the problem of the day.

The Band-Aid method is honestly the norm; we plow through the day, find the rock in our path, and blast it out of the way. What if that rock was a new opportunity and since you were so singularly focused you missed out on it? 

Think about the farmer who builds the family home, one boulder at a time, as he finds them in his field. Each moment of adversity is always an opportunity, whether for prosperity or perspective. You can look into any event in life and measure all the steps that got you there. From this place of awareness, you can take a new path, make a new decision or just be grateful for where you are now. To have the freedom of choice is some of the most powerful magic you can create. When you make a choice your energy flows to it and instantly you begin the process of manifesting.

In the “Shake Your Money Tree” class, I ask everyone to state their beliefs about money. Is it a tool for survival? Is it a tool to thrive, a tool of creation, or a part of their self-image? Is money the root of all evil? When you pull out your core belief, you can start to rewrite the script. If you lay your new belief on top of the old one, the old one will seep through and distort your aspirations.

Once you identify your core belief you then set a goal for yourself financially. Setting and working on that goal will uncover all the little ways your old belief was in charge and even sabotage you. Rewriting that old script one moment at a time is more manageable than trying to force-feed yourself a new flavor of Kool-Aid. Goals help you get where you want to go. If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there.

When you focus your energy on your goal, you are feeding it, and moving it toward manifestation. What you focus on grows; it’s as simple as that. If you focus on your fears they will grow. If you focus on your success, it will grow. When you have the goal, and the map was written by your beliefs, you will know what type of magic you need to get there.

It’s the little things that we bring the magic into that add up to an even bigger spell. When you live the magic in your words and deeds, your faith becomes stronger and your mind a bit more tranquil. If you are dealing with the issues your prosperity is tied to the magic will multiply. Remember, what you focus on grows. When you focus on gratitude, the things you are grateful for will grow in quantity and quality.