The Cure for Psychic Vampyr-itis

The cure for psychic vampyr itisAfter a visit with my dad at his new assisted living digs, I felt drained. I could barely drive home. This is awful and it takes the enjoyment out of seeing him. What the heck is going on? Am I fresh meat for these lovely people in their golden years? I hear a resounding Yes!

What do I do to get in and out without getting my soul sucked? I know this is not intentional on their part so there is nothing to fight or be fearful of. I’m in need of some gentle and compassionate psychic-vampire protection.

Before my next visit, I lit a Soul Mate Affirmation candle to affirm that we are all in this life together and no one is getting out alive. I make sure I am feeling compassion for myself and others and that we are all soulmates on some level.

Next I lit a Blessed Herbal Love’s Enchantment candle to remind me that love is always the answer. I let it show me the love that is around me and each and every resident of the assisted living building.

Then I put on the protection. I lit the Motor City Hoo Doo Black Cat candle and ask that I am surrounded with the energy of luck and feeling lucky from the abundant universe. I also affirm that I will share that feeling willingly with the residents while I’m with them. I share what the universe shared with me and not any of my own personal energy. Last but not least, I activated the Witches Union Evil Eye patch. I can’t say enough about the power of this magic. It embodies the gentle and compassionate protection I desire when people need things from me I can’t give them and they take it anyway. Please get yourself this patch and work with it. It’s amazing.

This magical intention will work for any demanding situation where there are needy people and people who have disconnected from their source for any reason. If at any time you lose connection with love and luck and start feeling drained, check your motivation. Are you feeling sorry for anyone? Are you inserting yourself where you don’t belong? Have you decided to be someone’s hero? Any of these moves will cause you to disconnect from your source and start giving from your own energy. So, if you do want to be someone’s hero, affirm that the energy you need to do this comes from the universal mind and not you. Take care of yourself with love and compassion!