The Witch Next Door - 10 Things to Learn From Them

Most likely, there is probably a witch next door. They may not be Goth, own a flowy pagan dress, or attend the local community ritual, yet they are witches. Gender doesn’t play into it, she may be a he. (S)he may not be pagan but the witch next door is powerful, centered, and focused when needed.

As I travel and connect with a wider and wider community outside of my local pagan one, I am finding that there are more witches next door than we imagine. They are not the witches you see out and about at local festivals and events wearing their witchy identity on the outside. More often they are people who practice magic in their daily activities without a title or label. They buy their herbs, oils, candle, and cards and pull them out when they need them. They do their best to practice mindfulness and know that all acts of energy have repercussions.

It is easy to get pulled into orbit by the more vocal, out, and proud witches, and forget there is an equal if not greater number of people that embrace magic and the paranormal (events that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding). I love these witches! I learn so very much from them as they are the ultimate kitchen witches who create a subtle and deep magical life out of the energy that surrounds them. I know teachers, elected officials, lawyers, doctors, ministers, and many other highly respected community members that are the witch next door. Some keep their witch status quiet on purpose, and some don’t care, but they all share the same quality of doing magic at the core root level. They do this with their kids, spouses, homes, health, and jobs. They come into my store to get some supplies, and books and to have a conversation. These witches are my heroes.

I have had the distinct honor of working with these quiet, unlabeled witches in different parts of the country. We have done quiet rituals to make a change in their communities and we have done bigger community rituals to make a change in the world. They step in, do the work and then live their life. What I have learned from them is critical and I want to share the top ten things I have learned from the witch next door.

  1. Magic is in everything and you don’t have to look hard for it. If extra power is needed that day a witch may wear red socks or brings in cinnamon tea to work. Witches see the magic in laughter, children, and pets, and in the way, a sacred space is arranged.

  2. A witch listens to the heart, emotions, and body. When something is wrong or out of sync (S)he pays attention to the energy and works on it. Witches slow down and take the time to meditate and be mindful.

  3. Witches invest in their community because they know that there is big magic in the collective. They will bring things to the table that help build cooperation and alignment, and clarity of purpose to the vision of her community. Knowing how to write a spell and set an intention really helps!

  4. Witches speak their truth with compassion. They know that the spoken word holds much power and truth; without compassion, the ego becomes invested in cruelty. Witches are accountable for their actions and hold the people around them accountable as well. Witches know that there is an ebb and flow for everything and recognize when it’s time to help things along the way.

  5. Witches know when to cast spells and when to let things alone. It’s not the first response, but the last resort when things are not working out. They also know how to divine the right course of action in their spell work.

  6. A witch is never a victim. Even when things go wrong and out of control, a witch is never a victim. They always have the tools to turn things to their benefit.

  7. Witches are deeply connected to the divine in their own way. The divine that they stay in tune with may be in the church, temple, community, nature or spirit. They are not necessarily pagan and are usually unconcerned with the trappings of ritual. There is often no right or wrong way to their magic and yet get amazing results from their spell work.

  8. Witches laugh a lot! At themselves, at the silliness of the magic we sometimes do, and laugh with the joy of magic manifesting.

  9. Witches move their bodies. They know that movement can change their energy and bring themselves back to balance.

  10. Witches connect to others in a heart-centered way. Introverts or extroverts, when they make a connection it is with their whole self and it often is at the level the other person is at. I find that the witch next door is often seen a leader, coach, and mentor in their circle of friends because they listen and nurture.

By no means does every witch next door hold all these qualities at once. What I have found is that there are more of us magical people out there than we might think. They may not even call themselves magical or witches, but they are certainly of similar energy and values. To my witches next door I thank you all for taking part in making this a more compassionate, diverse, and magical world!