What has changed with Magic in the last 20 years?

20 years ago, the turn of the 21st century may as well have been the turn of the 20th century at the speed of change in today’s world. We quickly forget how life was a quick 10 and 20 years ago; the need to memorize a phone number and actually dial it, the need to look up directions on a map and slow down to read street signs, addressing an envelope to mail a bill payment, or even hand writing a note (legibly). The same goes for the magical world.  

At the dawn of the millennium, there was a lot of excitement about chat rooms and Yahoo! groups dedicated to magical practices. I remember staying up late chatting with fellow witches, comparing notes and sharing experiences that were before completely unavailable to me. Magical knowledge was quickly expanding in it’s accessibility. Yet on the flip side, the information was quickly becoming diluted by misinformation and misinterpretation.  

Before the year 2000, finding a book on magic in the library was unheard of. Finding a book on magic was restricted to the small spiritual bookstores who were additionally limited in the number of titles they could afford to carry. Today, including this article, the Google machine spits out magical information faster than you can thumb through a Scott Cunningham index. Finding fellow magical practitioners was also restricted to the local spiritual supply stores as it was not safe to be known as the local witch and could get you fired from your job. In 2022, finding fellow practitioners is a quick search on social media for a local group.

Practicing your craft in 1999 and 2000 meant you had to depart from your everyday life and to embrace the magical side of your spirit. It was a game to hide the symbols of magic within everyday items without being too overt or coming out of the broom closet as it were. In the 2020’s being a Witch is something that one can claim without becoming a social pariah. Today, witch aesthetic is a trend and it’s cool to wear your pentacle in any circumstance. We are in a new age and although it is exciting for many new magical opportunities, we may be at risk for losing a bit of the authenticity that came with the struggle of unearthing gems of magic on your journey.

As I google keywords used in magic for decades, there is a wealth of information and opinion as to what magic is allowed, what the rules are, and judgement on what makes you magical. This is not so different from the sea of judgement I waded through as a young witch. I may have worried about a different group of oppressors stopping me from finding my magical truths, but I am watching a similar struggle to unearth the gems of true magic and empowerment along the journey.   

The accessibility and delivery of information has changed over the decades, the need for discernment, connection to spirit and personal evolution has not. Your magical journey is an evolutionary one filled with influences from all around the world so tread on her gently and respect all her people.