Awakening the Goddess to help us cope with the world

Early March 2022, Coventry launched our limited edition Awakening Goddess candles. This was not on a whim or a happy accident. This was an inspired, coordinated effort by the entire team to address the growing need we all feel in today's world for a bit of divine intercession. 

The motivating philosophy is that each one of us holds the spark of divinity within. We are born with it, yet lose track of this divine spark as we experience the frustrations and disappointments of life. We sense this spark in great moments of joy, love, and connectedness, yet we can quickly discount it as fleeting and think the pain of the moment is all that there really is in the world. The Awakening Goddess candles are designed to help you tap into and awaken that divine spark and recapture that original innocence of belief and possibility. 

The building trauma and stress of the past two years are not limited to personal life. It has bled into the business world, not only in the way we interact with each other, but in the choices that businesses are making for sustainability, employee retention, risk mitigation, and even reaction to world events. The stress is affecting us all and the call for help and support in coping with the world is being heard. But candles?

How do candles help us cope with the world? Candles themselves are not the solution, but they can provide the moment of grace we need to slow down, go within, and be still until we can hear our own divine inner voice. The magic of candles is the alchemy they represent. The flame is the lick of the spirit at the point where heaven and earth (or thought and action) meet. The small ritual of lighting a candle cannot be rushed. The match or lighter takes the time it takes to light and the wick of the candle will only catch the flame so fast. Slowing down with this process allows the frenetic input of modern life to slow down and your brain to unwind.

The scent released through the warmth of the flame stimulates the receptors in your nose, sending messages to the part of your brain that controls emotions. It’s amazing how many emotions can run through your mind and body without your conscious awareness, and how many emotions are suppressed in a moment because they are inconvenient. Carefully chosen fragrances in a candle can inspire emotions that will help you transcend the stress of the moment and take you into a new thought process, free from reactions.

The color of a candle can also curate an emotional response in alignment with the scent. The unique electrical impulses created in our brains by each color have a similar emotional response as aromatherapy. From soothing to stimulating, chromotherapy is useful in helping mental and physical conditions from anxiety to depression; high blood pressure to cancer.

The flame of the candle is the center meditative point. A simple, silent focus on the flame for a few moments can bring down your stress, allow you to breathe deeper, relax your tension, and allow your brain to release its circular thoughts. For centuries, the flame has been depicted in art as the mark of the divine. Silent prayer is often accompanied by a flame from a candle or a lamp as a focal point. We are programmed within our DNA to see that flame as communing with divinity.

The prayer/blessing on the label said aloud is the vibration that aligns all of these elements with a ritual that shifts your vibration. When you are sitting in the funk of the day, your vibration may be one of stress, anger, or frustration that keeps you stuck in a self-fulfilling cycle. When you speak the blessing out loud, use your vocal cords to vibrate the words in harmony with the scent, color, intent, and flame and you will lift yourself out of the cycle and into a new place of personal enlightenment. 

The messages of the Awakening Goddess candles lean into the challenges we seem to be collectively facing in our end-demic world. Liberation, Inner Justice, Financial Freedom, Empower, and Unbounded Joy are the deeper needs that are talked about in the news, on social media, and between friends, inspiring the team at Coventry to create formulas to address those issues and invite divine help.

Whether you light a Coventry Awakening Goddess candle or a candle you have laying around the house, take a moment today to find some personal white space where there is nothing but you and your candle flame to let the stress of the world fall away.