Failure Comes From Forgetting Who You Are

I forgot who I was during the launch of the Big Book of Candle Magic and started to become over-stressed, miserable, and despondent. I forgot that I set intentions and goals that are first feelings, numbers second. I forgot that I love what I do, I love innovation, and this is fun! I forgot that Coventry is all about personal empowerment through magical action and I didn’t take any. I forgot to celebrate the wins along the way and kept jumping to the next thing.

When you are an entrepreneur when you forget who you are, this failure happens not only to you, it also happens to your business and cascades in all the areas of your life; family, friends, and health. I am not afraid of failure, I am only afraid of not learning anything from it. When I am in an extremely stressed emotional state, my brain remains in a reactive mode and I can’t learn anything. When I am only reacting to my world, I forget who I am. When I take a moment to remember who I am through my own vision statement, my company’s vision statement, mission, and contribution to the world, I move out of the reactive state and start to learn again. I remember who I am and the powerful tools I use to grow my spirit, my magic, and my business.

I set my emotional goals first - Danielle LaPort taught me this. What are the ultimate end results of tangible goals, but the feelings you get from them? Sure the reward of reaching the goals is great, but it’s how you FEEL about reachign that goal that is a real motivator.  Think about the last sales goal you set and met. How did that feel? Was that the feeling you wanted? In 2011 I set a goal of selling $1 mill. I became an emotional wreck. I judged myself as a failure. I panicked at every sales dip. I started to look at sales while sacrificing profit. I didn’t like my business or myself. I forgot the magical being that I am. I reset my goals to FEEL successful, profitable, compassionate and loved. Our sales grew in amazing ways until we naturally hit $1 mill 4 years later. 

This is fun! - If this isn’t fun for me, this isn’t fun for anyone. I’m not talking about cheesy team-building exercises. Just having fun in my day-to-day. Exercising my language of love with my team, connecting with my customers, and having fun. What makes your business fun for you?

I do what I love - I love innovation. I love to watch trends, talk to people in the market, look for what is missing and try new things. I am a product designer. I love to innovate in my own company and in the market. I gave that away to other people in my company and I am back working with them as a team. I am back to doing what I love.

I am magical - I got too into the numbers and charts and graphs. I am magical. I look at the numbers and use them in my magic. I light my candles and co-create with spirit. I look to the divine for support. Starting and ending my day in this way makes me stronger and clearer. 

Today, in the words of my mentor, Todd Palmer, I fail forward. I learn from a failure and it’s now a lesson and it becomes a win. I remember who I am and that is a W.oman I.n T.otal C.ontrol of H.erself.