Quiz - Are You a Magical Entrepreneur?

If I was to give a TED talk, it would be on how magic and entrepreneurship use the same core traits of manifestation. Basically, entrepreneurs are magical practitioners and they don’t even know it. When I share these ideas with my colleagues they get a little excited to discover that they too are magic and if they so desire, can call themselves a witch like me, but they don’t have to. 

Are you a magical entrepreneur? Ask yourself the following questions and look for the answers below.

1 - Do you set goals?

Yes? Those can also be seen as setting intentions. In magical circles that is the first step in casting a spell deciding what you want the outcome to be.

No? That is a bit chaotic for standard business practices and most entrepreneurial schools of thought will guide you to set some basic goals for your business. 

2 - Are you mindful of your words?

Yes? This means you are careful in how you phrase things to your customers and staff.   Words are powerful and trigger emotions in others. When you choose them carefully you are mindful of the emotions that they trigger. In magic, these are called words of power.  Magical practitioners will write charms, rhymes, and incantations to trigger their own emotional responses to affect the energy around them for a specific outcome.

No? You may end up with customers and employees that are not pleased with your business. Think about hiring a PR company to work with you. 

3 - Do you set up symbols of success and prosperity?

Yes? Your logo, choice of color, how you set up your office space, your retail business, website, and imagery are all designed to inspire your customers to buy or secure your services. This is another layer of emotional triggers. Colors, use of space, and design come together to tell a story. In magic using symbols in your home or sacred space can set up specific energy like protection or peace. They can also be used in spells to create a specific energy that is added to your words of power and intention for a specific outcome. 

No? That’s ok. If your customer is not concerned with your space then you probably are not. Then again, study’s show that customers who are not influenced by the space they are in, or the website they are looking at spend less money than customers who are. 

4 - Do you notice when the energy of your space is off?

Yes? When things are out of whack at your business you can tell, so can your staff and customers. That’s when you put on fun music, buy everyone lunch, or do something to shift the vibes. Magic practitioners can tell when the energy of a space is off and they too will use sound, scent, laughter, and other tools to refresh the energy of the space. 

No? You may be alone in that. Most people can sense when the energy of the space is off. They will instinctively stay away from a space that feels oppressive or uncomfortable in any way. It’s like coming into a room right after an argument and sensing the tension right away. 

5 - Do you use intuition to make decisions?

Yes? You are like many entrepreneurs. Intuition plays a big part in business. You get an intuitive hit and then look into it to prove whether you are right. Sometimes you can’t prove anything and do it anyway. That is also magic. Practitioners hone their intuition to be able to flow into the psychic realms and uncover more information on that intuitive hit. 

No? You probably have a few regrets about ideas you didn’t pursue in the past. Most people have intuition but just ignore it. You may be missing out on a few opportunities. 

If you answered yes to even one of these questions you are a magical entrepreneur. Claim it if you want, but now you know that you are magic, and that is part of why you are an entrepreneur.