Full Moon in Aquarius August 1, 2023

Ah, the Aquarian Full Moon. A very special three days for breaking the bonds of the things and people that hold you back. If you find yourself needing to put the past behind you and create momentum in a new direction, here’s a candle ritual for you.

Candle Ritual for Breaking Through to the Good Life

You will need candles, candle holders, a long piece of string, and something that represents the thing or person you are breaking free from; it can be a picture, written description, or token.

The candles you will need are an Astro Magic Sun Curse Breaker candle, a Wicked Witch Mojo Bitch Be Gone candle and a Wicked Witch Mojo Come to Mama candle.

Unwrap the candles and place them in candle holders. Arrange them in the shape of a triangle with the Sun candle at the top and the Bitch Be Gone to your left and the Come to Mama at your right. Place the item you chose to represent the thing or person you are breaking a bond with under or next to the Bitch Be Gone candle. Place a description of “the good life” under the Come to Mama candle.

Now take the string and wrap it around the Bitch be Gone candle holder and tie a knot, then stretch the string across to the Come to Mama candle holder and wrap the string around it and tie a knot. You have created a tightrope between the two candles. Now light the Sun candle and say the invocation from the label.

In the Sun’s light, I am cleansed of the curses inflicted upon me and the ones I inflict upon myself. With the Sun’s rays, my true identity is revealed so I may grow in confidence and gain the favor of all around me.

Now light the Bitch be Gone candle and then the Come to Me candle. Spend some time reflecting on your situation. Affirm that you want to change and because of that, you want your situation to change. Take it to the next step by saying that you let the past (or person) go and you have taken the first step toward “the good life”. Declare that you will do everything you need to do to create that good life, which includes forgiveness, staying committed to your choice, and not looking back. 

When you feel ready, cut the string binding the two candles together. Let this be the symbolic action of setting yourself free. Light your candles daily until they are gone. Be sure to reaffirm your commitment to yourself and make corrections to any mistakes you make that counteract your decision. We wish you well in creating your good life.

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