Full Moon in Cancer January 17, 2022

Full Moon in Cancer on January 17, 2022

Drama, drama, drama. This full moon is locked and loaded for lots of it. A Cancer full moon is one of the most emotionally packed moons in the zodiac. Add an opposition to Pluto and Capricorn and you have the Osbournes vs the Kardashians on steroids. If you are not interested in another family brawl, you and your siblings can channel this energy constructively and take your relationships to the next level. Wouldn’t it be nice to settle grievances and be friends again or for the first time? Family teaches us the deepest lessons on tolerance, cooperation, sharing, kindness, and love. A Cancer Full Moon shines the spotlight on your familial wounds and offers time and space for sitting down together and healing as a family.

For those on a solo act, but still feeling activated by past family drama, this full moon can be put to good use by working on your own to release and forgive the pain you are still carrying. A good candle ritual along with good intentions can change the tone of your family dynamic for the better. Here’s one that could work for you.

Candle Ritual for Healing the Family

For this candle ritual, you will need three Blessed Herbal candles, Heart, Healing, and Emotional Balance, and three candle holders.

If this is a family ritual, you need your family to be present. If this is a solo act, you will need pictures of family members or their names written on pieces of paper.

Family Ritual

Invite family members who want to participate and leave the others alone. This gathering is for sharing, willingness to see another's perspective, and forgiveness. The time for defensiveness, accusation, and revenge has passed. Make sure you all are in a comfortable setting and everyone knows the ground rules for the ritual. You all will be honest, kind, compassionate, and understanding with each other. When something is said that you disagree with or it hurts your feelings, wait your turn to speak and speak respectfully in your response. You have come together to heal and deepen your relationships by choice.

Before you light the first candle, spend a moment to invite in the vibration of love, compassion, and protection for all, then light the Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal candle. While the candle burns, take turns talking about the family. When talking about specific issues or events use I statements as often as possible. I feel, I like, and I dislike are some good examples. Be ready to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Stay open to each other's experiences and points of view.

After everyone has spoken and released what has burdened their hearts, light the Heart Blessed Herbal candle. Go around the circle again and everyone says two things, 1. something that they like about each other, 2. something they like about themselves.

Then light the Healing blessed Herbal candle. Welcome healing for all family members, both present and absent. Sit in silence for a few minutes and allow the good things you said about each other to fill your hearts and heal the past transgressions. Let the candles continue to burn while you all visit and enjoy each other's company. Share food and drink to celebrate the beautiful deepening of your relationships.

Solo Ritual

Follow the steps of the family ritual, but instead of being with family, you will be with their pictures. When you light the Emotional Balance candle you will unburden your heart of any pain you are holding onto around your family. When you light the Heart candle, you will be asking for forgiveness and giving forgiveness for anything done or said that has hurt you or where you have hurt a brother or sister. Then take some time listing out what you like about your family and what you like about yourself.

When you light the healing candle you will welcome love into your heart and then sit in silence and allow your heart to be uplifted from the pain of the past. Then celebrate with some food and drink. This candle ritual is a beautiful way to transmute heavy feelings into light and happy ones. Without expectations, live your life as if the past is truly forgiven and you see your family members how they are now and not who they were then. Be open to seeing any positive changes that have happened. 

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