Full Moon in Leo February 16 2022

Full Moon in Leo February 16, 2022

It’s hard to admit you’ve made a mistake, especially when you were so sure you were right. If you find yourself in a place where you’ve come to terms with your faux pas or worse a blunder of major proportion that was not only embarrassing but hurt someone, now’s the time for you. We are in the shadow of the Leo Full Moon and the energy is ripe for learning from your mistakes, straightening your crown, and totally and completely forgiving yourself. You will also get the strength to ask for forgiveness too. Let’s start with self-forgiveness. Here is a candle ritual that will align you with the Lion-hearted Full moon and get you back on track to feeling free from your past transgressions.

Candle Ritual for Forgiving Yourself

You will need a Blessed Herbal Heart candle and candle holder, Motor City Hoo Doo Crown of Glory oil, a white tulip, purple hythin, or daffodil. If you can’t find the flower, use a silk flower or a picture. Two small pieces of lightweight paper, a pencil, a bowl, and a glass of water.

With a sharpie, draw a cross on the candle holder. If you don’t want to draw on the candle holder, get a cross or make one out of paper or popsicle sticks. 

Next, you will put your petition on a piece of paper and then burn it. Have your lighter, bowl, and glass of water ready. Write on the paper what you are forgiving yourself for. For example, I forgive myself for cheating at cards and unfairly winning all that money. Fold it in half, hold it over the bowl, and light it using a lighter or a match. Put the burning paper in the bowl and watch it be consumed in the fire. Feel yourself being released from any guilt and shame that was lingering in your mind and heart. Feel your emotions become uplifted. 

Now it’s time to light the Heart Blessed Herbal candle. Remove all packaging and place it in the candle holder with the cross drawn on it, place the flower near the candle holder then light the candle. Sit with the candle and flower and continue to forgive yourself of your wrongdoing. When any justifications arise in your mind, let them go. There is no justification for your actions and now is the time to repent, learn and forgive. Allow yourself to go into a meditation and ask to be filled with love and peace. These are the qualities you feel when you forgive yourself. To help you really connect with them, visualize pink and purple surrounding and filling you. Burn the candle daily for at least an hour until it is consumed. 

After your meditation, anoint your forehead with the Crown of Glory oil. Feel the power of being a righteous person and meditate on what is the corrective action you need to take to balance out the wrong you have done. In the case of cheating at cards, one may consider contributing to a charity, returning the money or allowing someone to win a bunch of money in the next card game. Forgiveness is powerful and freeing, but balancing the wrong action with a right action keeps you square with the universe. That is always a good idea.

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