Full Moon in Libra April 16, 2022

Full Moon in Libra April 16, 2022

Every time the moon moves through the sign of Libra we are reminded of how important balance is to a well-lived life. On April 16th we will be basking in the light of the full moon as she presents us with the lessons of balance again. The area of life that Libra rules are relationships and legal matters. An odd combination at first glance, but upon a closer look, we will see that relationships are very akin to legal matters. My daughter is an attorney and when she talks about her job, she’s really talking about the way people treat each other. We try our best to restore balance in the world through the laws we write and uphold, but needless to say, it’s a difficult job and full of holes.

Storm Cestavani, our guru for everything stellar, advises us to use this auspicious Full Moon to look for the ways we are out of balance in our relationships, not just the romantic ones, but all of them. 

Candle Ritual for Restoring Inner Balance

You will need an Inner Balance Blessed Herbal candle, candle holder, one 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper, and small pieces of paper 2” x 2”. 

On an 8 ½” x 11” paper make two columns. At the top of one column, write “DO.” On the top of the other column write “Want to do.”

On the little pieces of paper write these words; Family time, Partner time, Career/Job, Finances/Money Management, Home/cleaning/maintenance/shopping, Health maintenance, Leisure/Hobby/Fun, Rest. 

Take each little piece of paper and put it in the appropriate column. If there is something you do, but want to spend more time doing it, place it in the “Want to do” column. Take some time calculating how much time you spend a week doing the things you do in your “DO” column. Then calculate how much time you spend on the “Want to do” items. Are you in balance or out of balance?

Time to set up your candle ritual for restoring balance. Remove the packaging and place the Inner Balance Blessed Herbal candle in the candle holder. Set up your sacred space and ask for protection. Light your candle and look at your two columns. Get a clear picture of where you spend your time, and how much of it goes to each activity. Now close your eyes and notice how you feel? Good, tired, frustrated, satisfied or something else? Ask yourself the question, do I have balance in my life? Then ask yourself, can I have balance and if so, how can I create it?

Now notice the thoughts coming to the forefront as you automatically move into problem solving. It’s a natural process when you put questions out there. If you start to feel anxious, take a few minutes to relax by doing some deep, slow breathing. Soon you will feel better and will be able to let the influence of the Libra Full Moon and the energy of the candle shift the balance of energy within you. Remember, your inner world creates your outer world. Let’s gently move to the next step, creative visualization.

In your mind’s eye, look at each part of your life without emotional attachment, as if it were someone else’s life. Let go of the stress that comes up when you start to consider a change, it’s not necessary and really inhibits your creativity. Now allow your imagination to paint pictures of different scenarios that will allow you to create more balance in your life. Let all this musing become possibilities for you to try on and play with. Let this inner play encourage you to shake off outer expectations and short sighted promises. Balance is something you achieve when you are willing to stay true to yourself as it aligns with the universe. This part is key. You need to spend time learning who you are and what you’ve come here to do. Do this part in another meditation, today, you are letting yourself come back into balance through awareness of the conditions of all your relationships to people and situations. 

Finish your meditation with a commitment to create more balance in your life by taking your time, thinking things through and being really in tune with yourself. Breath deeply and slowly and then open your eyes feeling refreshed. 

Look back at your list and pick one area you want to focus on. Get the appropriate Coventry candle that will support you. Design your own candle ritual and meditate on the reasons why you have lost balance in this area of your life. For example, if you work long hours each week and other parts of your life are falling apart due to neglect, use your candle ritual time to open your mind to consider why and what can be done. Are there small changes you can make at work that will allow you more time at home? Are you taking on too much, when you don't really have to? Have you been avoiding something at home and that’s why you put a lot of hours in at the office? Don’t leave any stone unturned. We recommend the Happy Home Blessed Herbal candle, New Job Blessing Kit, or Helping Hand Hoo Doo candle. 

Once you have determined your course of action, set goals and ask for help from your guides in spirit and your mentors in physical life. Repeat this for every area of life you need extra help getting back into balance.

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