Full Moon in Pisces September 10, 2022

Full Moon in Pisces on September 10, 2022

The Full Moon on September 10th is in the sign of Pisces. Your intuitive faculties will be at their peak. What would you do if you were feeling like Harry Potter when he drank the Liquid Luck potion? That’s what this moon will do for you.

Maybe you don’t need a candle ritual for luck or intuition, but maybe you need help focusing so you don’t misuse or squander it.

Here’s a candle ritual that will help you enhance your intuition, meditation, increase your creativity, and connect with your spirit. 

Candle ritual for improving focus

For this candle ritual, you will need a yellow candle. Our Happiness Blessed Herbal candle is the perfect shade of yellow. After removing all the packaging and placing it in a candle holder, light your yellow candle and prepare to meditate. You can record the meditation below in advance of doing this ritual. When you are ready, ask for the golden light to surround you and protect you while you meditate.  

Close your eyes and take a deep relaxing breath

Notice you have roots extending from your tailbone and feet. They go deep and wide and merge with the energy field of the earth. Now feel the energy of the earth fill your feet and rise up your legs, then your body, across your shoulders, down your arms, up your neck, and fill your head. This is an amazing feeling. So relaxed yet so energized at the same time. Your mind feels alert, your nervous system feels calm and your body is poised and ready.

In your imagination, see yourself in a vast field of yellow daisies. Though there are many, you can see the details of each one. The petals on each flower are crisp and clear, you see bees gathering pollen. Your ability to sit still and watch the bees do their work fascinates you.

Now you notice a breeze and watch the flowers yielding to it. Your level of focus and concentration is unmatched.

To your delight, the yellow of the petals flows into your mind – making it clear, sharp, and strong. Pay attention to how your mind and brain feel. You are in control of your thoughts. The chaos and aimless wandering of your mind is gone. 

You are now ready to bring your emotions into focus and under your control. Watch the yellow light move down to your chakra at your belly button. Here is the seat of your emotions, will, and desires. As the yellow light fills this chakra you easily release the false desires that distract you from doing the right thing. All impulses to exploit or overindulge fall away as your emotions become focused and strong. You feel them supporting your highest dreams and potential.

Stay with this feeling for a while. When you are ready, take a deep breath, and upon your exhale, open your eyes and smile. You are now ready to receive and follow your intuition correctly.

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