Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 3, 2023

June’s Full Moon is on the 3rd and in the sign of Sagittarius. Full moons are about looking at what is complete and then deciding if it needs to be let go or maintained. Each zodiac sign brings into focus a particular aspect of our life. A Sagittarius moon draws our attention to what we believe to be true about life and ourselves. Big stuff here as this could create some personal earthquakes where we could be liberated or could leave us clinging to what still brings us security. Use this time to gently and safely reflect on the behaviors that support what you believe to be true. You may find it is indeed time to make some changes.

Candle Ritual for Meaningful Reflection  

If you find yourself asking thoughtful questions about yourself and your life, this ritual is for you. Take time this Full Moon to ask the questions and then receive the insights you need to help you sort it out. You will need these items: Blessed Herbal Heart Candle, Chakra Magic Clarity candle, Astro Magic Sun candle, three candle holders, paper and pen, or your journal, and your question(s).

In a sacred space, with spiritual protective light around you, place all the unwrapped candles in their candle holders. Light the Blessed Herbal Heart candle and pray for yourself. Ask to be filled with peace. Let the lavender color and scent of the candle calm your mind and emotions so your reflective time will be more productive. Feel the stress and anxiety of the past drop away. If you are struggling with an issue, ask for peace in that situation so it won’t distract you. Imagine placing it on the Altar of God if you can’t find peace. 

Now you are ready to write about your question(s). Here are some writing prompts. What do you keep doing that leads you into a difficult situation? What do you believe about yourself at those times? What do you believe about others? What do you believe will happen if you change your behavior, thoughts, and reactions to the situation and about yourself?  For example, “I shy away from confrontations because I freeze and I can not think clearly. I believe other people take full advantage of that and I end up agreeing to something that is not good for me.”

When you have gotten to the core of the belief you want to work with, light the Chakra Magic Clarity candle. This candle is designed to help your mind relax, let go of fear, and be made pliable so you can receive inspiration. When ready, close your eyes and allow your imagination to build a picture of you being who you want to be in these challenging situations. Going with the previous example. Imagine yourself in a confrontation and you are strong, confident, calm, and in full control of your emotions. Imagine that you know what you want to say and you say it. Imagine you giving yourself the space and time to respond, not feeling rushed or pushed into defense or attack. Take deep slow full breaths during this process. Feel the breath strengthen you, teach you, and bless you with the power of God*. Stay with this visualization until you have internalized it. Feel it all the way to your toes.  

When you are complete with that step, it’s time to light the Astro Magic Sun candle. Storm calls this his curse breaker candle because we all tend to slip back into old familiar habits of behavior when we are under pressure. This candle will support you in your daily life while you deepen your ability to sustain the changes you want to make. As the candle burns, vocalize your new thoughts about yourself. Phrase them like affirmations. For example, “I am brave.” Create a positive affirmation that supports your visualization. Keep it to the point and not too wordy, so it’s easy to memorize. Saying affirmations aloud will help you reprogram your thoughts.  

Follow up this candle ritual by lighting your candles every day at the end of the day.  Talk to your candles about your day. Did you hold true to the new you or did you backslide a bit? Maybe you totally blew it. It doesn’t matter, the point is to talk it out before you go to sleep so your brain is freed from the day's negative energy. The majority of your brain's restoration happens during the first few hours of sleep and verbalizing the events of the day and how you felt about them will reduce the amount of cleansing your brain has to do while sleeping. Keep this practice up until all the candles are gone. Remember never leave a burning candle unattended or while you sleep.  

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