Full Moon in Scorpio, May 5, 2023

Storm is not kidding when he says dial back on aggressive magic and doubly so during this Scorpio Full Moon on May 5, 2023. And if you were even remotely thinking about testing fate, let us remind you that this Full Moon is having a lunar eclipse too. Instead, put your energy toward protection and cleansing magic. Many of us get the creeps around the sign of Scorpio and rightly so because it’s connected to the darker parts of our personality. Still, our dark side is where our failures and frailties live and they are also our greatest lessons. 

Candle Ritual for Sending Warm Fuzzies to your Dark Side

Even a snarling aggressive dog needs love. That is often what greets you when you open the closet door of your psyche to see what’s in there. Use the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon to give you the courage and sense of adventure to extend an olive branch or milk bone to the injured part of yourself. Nurturing yourself with love, acceptance, and compassion is powerful. When done well, heals the abused part of yourself and tames all those snarly defenses that build walls and disconnects you from the world around you and most of all from yourself.

For this candle ritual, you will need a Blessed Herbal Protection candle, a Blessed Herbal Healing candle, and an Inner Beauty Affirmation candle. Prepare your sacred space with a loving meditation then remove all packaging from the candles and place them in candle holders. Light each candle to support you while you reach into your dark side with your consciousness.  The Protection candle will help your vulnerable self feel safe. The Healing candle will extend healing energy into the darkness and the Inner Beauty candle will remind you of your true essence; glory, beauty, and strength, to name a few divine attributes you were born with. 

When you feel ready, in your imagination, open the door and start talking to this part of yourself. Your tone needs to be as if you were approaching a child you dearly love but is hurting and lashing out. Depending on what you find you will be adjusting your strategy. There will be times you find yourself sitting quietly while they fuss, only to slowly start talking after the rage has burned out. Remember this is you, so you will know what you need and what calms you. Just think about what you wanted when you were hurt and needed comforting. I like to be hugged, but I usually resist it at first, so you can imagine the internal push me pull you game I have to play. 

Eventually, you will feel like you had a breakthrough and your dark side (or part of it) will let go of its defenses and let you in without biting you. From here you let the healing happen, make friends, learn more about this side of you, and reclaim all the power that has been locked up in the closet. This kind of work is often led by a counselor or healer and if this warm fuzzy candle ritual is not enough for you or things get out of hand, please reach out to a professional.

Still, there is a lot you can accomplish on your own and this warm fuzzy candle ritual is something you can do for yourself at any time. 

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