Full Moon in Taurus, October 28, 2023

Full Moon in Taurus on October 28, 2023

“Keep calm and carry on” is our mantra for this Full Moon. Not because it’s in Taurus, but because of its lunar eclipse and the bonus features of being conjunct with Jupiter and Uranus. All this disruptive energy is really stressing everyone out.  

Since the Lunar Eclipse is in Taurus, security, financial resources, and self-worth will be in the limelight. And because it’s an eclipse, Storm always advises that we only do protection, healing, and spiritual cleansing work. This Full Moon is no different.

To keep you in the safe zone and protect you from attracting more chaos, this Full Moon candle ritual will focus on the way you see yourself and if inspired, make improvements where needed. You are a spark of divine light and becoming more perfect every day and in every lifetime. Join us in this self-love candle ritual and let the world's problems fall away for a while. 

Candle Ritual to Increase Self-Love

Do this candle ritual on one of the three days of the Full Moon, October 28th, 29th, or 30th. Here is what you’ll need. A baby picture of yourself when you were about 3 to 6 months old. If you don’t have one, find a picture of a baby that will represent you. Make sure it’s a smiling, happy, healthy baby. Candles for this ritual are the Inner Beauty Affirmation candle, the Healing Blessed Herbal or Affirmation candle, and the Love Blessed Herbal candle or Affirmation candle.  

Make a triangle of the candles in their candle holders and place the baby picture in the center. Light the three candles; Healing, Inner Beauty, and Love. Go into meditation and imagine you are holding the baby in your arms. Allow yourself to love this little one with coos and cuddles. Find in your heart all the joy you have for this baby and express it to her/him. Tell the baby they are loved and you are so happy that they are here, starting a new life. Tell them they are protected and safe and that many people will help them through their life to reach their full potential.  

As you are making these statements and promises, you may notice contradicting thoughts coming up in your mind and hurt emotions bubbling up from your solar plexus.  This is what we wanted to happen. Now is the opportune time to forgive, let go, and heal from all the things that hurt you in your life. If a memory comes to mind of when you were not treated well or did not receive the help you needed, ask that it be surrounded with love and imagine a more positive scenario happening. This will change the energy around your past. Fear, anger, and sadness have closed the door to your right to divine love. Ask the past to be healed so the doors and windows of your body, mind, and soul open up to the truth. The truth is that you are loved and being divinely guided every day and through every challenge. The divine loves you and celebrates your journey through life. All the ups as well as all the downs. It’s because all experiences help you to grow and wake up to the truth of who you are, which is a divine spark of God, precious in every way.

As the energy shifts, let your little baby and your adult self drink in the beauty that you are. Feel a change come over you as you understand deep down in your heart that you are loved and always have been. Drink in this truth and let it build up your self-esteem. As the light and energy from these three supporting candles surround you and uplift you. Imagine now, golden light showering down around you and placing you in the center of a golden bubble. Feel it protect you and build up your confidence and faith in yourself and confidence in the presence of the divine in your life.  

Stay with this meditation for a little while. When you feel complete, give thanks to the divine and to yourself. Kiss your little baby and let it merge into your heart, filling you with all the love and joy you gave it. You can let your candles burn for a little while or blow them out if you have to leave. Re-light them every day until they are consumed.  Spend time every day remembering your meditation and what you accomplished in it. 

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