Full Moon in Virgo March 7, 2023

Enter, the cycle-breaking moon. Procrastination is the biggest buster toward your success and if you really want to change, this full Moon in Virgo has the power to shift you from couch potato to action Annie. Oh what joy you will feel when your ideas become your reality! Along with this Full moon in Virgo, Saturn moves out of Aquarius and dives into the deep waters of Pisces. Saturn in Pisces needs connection, which could mean we move into a more compassionate and empathetic cycle. What a perfect time to define your spiritual practice around your relationship with your own soul.

A practice means you are actively participating. It’s more than setting goals, it’s about doing all the things involved in attaining your goal. You will also be learning. The growth you experience comes when you apply what you have learned through study and experiences. This is something I keep re-learning. Knowledge is for the head and experiences are for the soul. True growth happens when both are pursued. As one thing leads to another you’ll find you have moved forward on your spiritual journey as a different person, because you have included your soul's urnings.

Candle Ritual for Growing Your Spiritual Practice

You will need these candles and tools: A Blessed Herbal Heart candle to break up your procrastination cycle, a Blessed Herbal Energy candle for motivation, and a Blessed Herbal Stability candle for staying power. Three candleholders, paper, and a pen for writing out your lists.

If you’ve been following my moon magic blogs for a while you’ll see the pattern of writing out what you are releasing and then writing out where you want to go. This is a powerful exercise that helps you uncover the thoughts and beliefs that have kept you stuck where you are. The visioning part of the exercise is meant to replace the old thoughts with new thoughts that support where you want to be. We all need coaching, and this candle ritual will be your daily coach to success.

Many programs use this process to help people reach their goals. It works as long as you participate in it. Whenever you procrastinate, become aware of it and add it to your list. You are learning about yourself, how you think, and what you accept as normal. This candle ritual is asking you to look at your normal and reassess it. Does it help you go where you want to go or does it keep you stuck where you are?

Start this ritual by creating a sacred space to work in. Invite all the love God and your guides have for you. Feel them surrounding you with it like a hug or wind beneath your wings. Now, get out your pen and paper and write down all the things that get in the way of growing your spiritual practice. On your list, you will see thoughts, behaviors, excuses, fears, resentments, judgments, and blaming. Write them all down. As I mentioned before, let this be a living active list. You will be adding to it as you participate in your practice.

Next, you will place it under or next to the candle holder. Remove the packaging from the Blessed Herbal Heart candle. Light it and ask to be filled with peace. Let this calm you and begin to release from you all the stress writing this list has activated in you. Now ask for forgiveness. “Let it be 360”, meaning a full circle of forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others. Ask to be forgiven by others for your mistakes. Ask for God's forgiveness for your mistakes. At first, you may not know what you need to forgive or be forgiven of, but stay with it, feelings of grief and relief will move through you. Let the thoughts and emotions flow until you feel neutral at a minimum and hopefully joy as your ultimate goal in this part of the candle ritual. Keep relighting this candle to release new resistance that pops up and add it to your list.

After you feel complete with part one, prepare your next list and candle. Write out a description of your spiritual practice. What are your activities? What time of day will you do them? What do you want to learn? Will you be reading books, taking classes, or joining a group? What does applying what you’ve learned look like? For example, if your spiritual practice includes developing kindness, how will you be kind, and to whom? What will you do when you need to be kind to a difficult person? What will you learn about yourself once you have applied the lessons? 

Prepare the Blessed Herbal Energy candle by removing the wrapping and placing it in the candle holder. Place your list next to it so you can read and maybe edit it as you participate in your spiritual practice. Light the candle and allow yourself to be energized and motivated. Feel the desire to act well up inside you. Feel your thoughts and emotions join together in cooperation and cause you to make inspired choices and act on them. Invite your guides in to help you receive divine inspiration and the understanding of those inspirations. Keep lighting this candle to keep you motivated and inspired.

The third step is about creating momentum. Prepare the Blessed Herbal Stability candle by removing the packaging and placing it in your candle holder. I chose this candle because it grounds you by activating your root chakra and is very soothing to the mind and emotions during change. All that helps you to stay focused and confident.

Place a circle of salt around your candle holder and a small bowl of water next to the candle and salt. Light the candle and ask for protection from outside influences that are unhealthy and would undermine you. Know that fears and frustrations can arise from growing spiritually and will be absorbed by the water. Change the water after each meditation or ritual. As continual support, light this candle every time you participate in your spiritual practice. When this candle is gone, replace it. Feel free to choose a different Coventry candle to support you as you grow.

Important tip, always create a sacred space and ask for protection before you meditate, perform a ritual or spell. 

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