New Moon in Aries April 20, 2023

Seems like we’ve been here before. The New Moon is happening during a solar eclipse and is the wild card of astrology. Storm reminds us that this energy is really hard to control and even harder to direct for spell work, so don’t try. We love Aries energy because it's about focusing on living your best life and leaving the past behind. This fire sign creates a path to make that happen. Guess what, the New Moon is all about fresh starts too.  

Since we have to lay low during the solar eclipse magically speaking, we recommend this gentle candle ritual for honoring yourself and your boundaries.

Candle Ritual for Honoring Yourself

You will need an Inner Beauty Affirmation candle, a candle holder, white flowers in a vase or as a potted plant, a coin, paper, and a pen. Place all of these things on the table in front of you.

Start this candle ritual by creating a sacred space to work in with a short meditation.  Take the packaging off the candle and put it in the holder. Light the candle. In the glow of the candle flame, write down all the things you have accomplished in your life so far.  Add to this list all the times you have been honored. It could be from school, sports, military service, work, a committee you served on, or a special birthday celebration. Feel the warmth of the people who are honored to know you and collect it in your heart and soul. Accept it and be grateful for it. Your good works are being noticed and reflected back to you as love and appreciation.

Now get the flowers and present them to yourself. Thank yourself for participating in this life so beautifully. Now take the coin and offer it to yourself as a token from your Heavenly Father. Feel acknowledged and seen. This coin will be a reminder of what you are capable of and an encouragement to keep going.  

Wrap up this sweet little candle ritual with a smile and place your flowers on your altar or in a place you can see easily. Place the coin in your wallet or on your altar as a reminder of your special relationship with your Heavenly Father.

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