New Moon in Capricorn January 2, 2022

New Moon in Capricorn on January 2, 2022

On January 2nd the moon is new and in the sign of Capricorn and the perfect opportunity to put more punch in your new year's resolution. The energy of this new moon will reward you with ambition, a rational mind, and the determination to stick to your plans. January’s theme is always trained on focus and staying the course because Capricorn energy propels us to think of our life as a journey filled with things to accomplish. Much like fertilizing your garden with Miracle Grow, you’ll get amazing results when you invite the Cap into your plans.

Setting goals has always been a challenge for me so as I prepare for January 2022 and hence set the tone for the rest of the year I leaned on something we use in business, SMART goals. Here is a link to an article about setting personal goals and making them SMART, In my life, it’s not enough to set goals and make lists of prioritized checkpoints. I need a candle ritual that will help me clear the decks and prepare me mentally and emotionally for such heady commitments.

Candle Ritual for Setting Goals You Can Keep

For this ritual, you will need these supplies: 

One red candle (Blessed Herbal Attraction Love), one Gold candle (Blessed Herbal Problem Solving candle), and one orange candle (Blessed Herbal Energy candle).

Magazines, scissors, glue stick and a piece of 8.5” by 11” paper, color markers.

In this ritual, you will be preparing yourself for goal setting and invoking the vibrations of the New Moon in Capricorn to seal the deal.

First, read the article from the link above. Just read it. Don’t do anything with it yet. Observe your reactions to the information presented. Are you excited and can’t wait to start or are you filled with anxiety and confusion? Do you fall somewhere in the middle?  When I read the article I became overwhelmed. I found myself trying to do everything as I was reading. A trap I fall into that causes me to abandon the whole idea of setting goals.

Next, I want you to prepare the red candle by removing the packaging and putting it in a candle holder. Take a deep breath and exhale completely. Affirm that you are now clearing your mind of all the thoughts that cause you to balk at the idea of setting goals. Light the candle and imagine a beam of orange-red light flowing around you and into your head. You are now ready to clear your mind.

If it helps, visualize those unwanted negative thoughts flowing into an open window and disappearing into a purple haze of light, never to return. Watch each thought get smaller and smaller as they flow away from you. Keep this up until your mind is clear.

You are also going to release all the emotional reactions you felt too. Bring your attention to your belly because this is where you hold your pent-up emotions. Visualize orange-red light filling your belly, then breathe out every fearful, painful regret and doubt you are feeling. Release them one at a time. If you start feeling overwhelmed, slow your breathing. It may help to inhale, count to four, exhale and count to four and repeat. Don’t react to your feelings, honor them and accept that you feel this way. It’s totally ok to have feelings. There is nothing wrong with what you are feeling and they are teaching you something about yourself.

Keep this up until you feel relaxed. Affirm that the orange-red light is clearing you of every low vibrating thought and emotion and sending it directly into the earth, never to return.

This may have been a lot of work and you may feel tired. If that is so, stop and do the next step tomorrow.

When you are ready, get out the gold candle, remove the packaging and place it in a candle holder. Take a deep breath and affirm that you are now going to build up your personal will and confidence. Light the candle, close your eyes and see yourself surrounded by gold light. With every breath, you take the gold light that enters your body and fills your belly.

Affirm that this gold light is strengthening your will, confidence, and courage. Spontaneously you are reminded of all the times you confidently acted on your own ideas. No matter the outcome, you took a risk. Each time you did that, you raised the bar on your willpower. Keep breathing in that golden light and feel your strength be founded in learning from your mistakes. Let go of judging yourself and let the mistake build up your confidence to try again, with the knowledge of what not to do. Let the mistake open up your mind to ask, if not this, then what? It’s in the asking that wisdom reveals itself. Bask in this gold light until you feel its power and your fears fall away.

One meditation is not going to transform you 100%. You will find, as I have, that this meditation will need to be repeated many times. If you are like me, you are building up your willpower from a deficit and need to keep making deposits to get back into the black. Until that happens, keep up the meditations.

Your final candle is the orange one. Prepare it and yourself for this next powerful step, invoking motivation and enthusiasm for life. Doing this mediation will dry out that wet blanket approach to life and keep you up and running to achieve your next milestone.

When you are ready, light your candle and close your eyes. Take a deep cleansing breath and visualize bright orange light surrounding you and filling you. See it flowing down through the top of your head filling your head, then your chest area, and then your belly. Meditating with an orange candle and bringing in orange light will increase the excitement of doing the work. Don’t worry about the actual “To Do” list right now, just focus on the feeling you get when you accomplish what you’ve set out to do. It’s exhilarating and draws you to start the next thing. After this mediation, you will experience more joy and enthusiasm as you meet your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals. You will be uplifted instead of overwhelmed or dragged down. 

When this meditation is complete you are ready to put together your vision board. I want you to look for words and pictures that describe the process you just completed. What words and pictures show best how you feel now that you’ve cleared your head and emotions of self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings? What does your confidence and willpower look like now? Don’t forget to add motivating and enthusiastic statements. Keep this collage of words and pictures in a place where you can see it to remind you that you are ready to set goals and able to keep them. 

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