New Moon in Virgo on August 27, 2022

New Moon in Virgo on August 27, 2022 

Have you read a self-help or self-empowerment book? They are pretty good at reminding you to love yourself, believe in yourself, and go for what you want in life. They drip with empowerment strategies, worthiness exercises, and encouragement speeches. They sympathize with your past, help you to let go of blaming mom and dad, and most of all, get you to figure out who you are or who you want to be. This New Moon in Virgo is like a self-help book on steroids because it’s backed by the Sun in Virgo too. No other zodiac sign is better than Virgo in rooting out the useless and capitalizing on fixing it! You will feel the power of organization, setting goals, and creating order out of chaos like a boss. So, let's not waste a moment of this precious Virgo energy and create a plan for building a stronger and better you.

Candle ritual for believing in yourself

In our DIY Akashic Wisdom book, Jacki and I talk a lot about where beliefs live, they live in your mind. We show you how you create or break down your own beliefs, depending on what’s needed. We also teach that you have to be invested in your beliefs in order to manifest them in your life. The investment is powered by your emotions, specifically your desire and willpower. Your beliefs and the emotional power behind them are how you define yourselves and your place in the world. Without belief in yourself, you kinda flounder and let others do the defining and it’s usually about how it suits them. I’m sure you’ve experienced this, I know I have. There were times when I didn’t believe in myself. Nor did I define what is important to me. Those were the times I was most influenced by other people's agendas. That’s when I rode the coattails of someone else’s dreams and ended up somewhere I hadn’t planned. Sometimes I didn’t even recognize myself anymore.

In this candle ritual, you are going to beef up your willpower and desire and direct it to your belief in yourself. The first step is defining what you believe about yourself. This could be ground breaking or you can reaffirm what you already believe. The second step is releasing the old beliefs. There is always something to let go. Third step is powering up your will and desire. 

You will need paper and pen and a Clarity Chakra Magic candle for step one, an Astro Magic Sun candle for step two, and Confidence Chakra Magic spray for step three. When you are ready, set up your spiritual protection, remove the packaging from the candles and place them in candle holders. Light your Clarity Chakra Magic candle and take a few cleansing breaths to quiet your mind and calm your emotions. Now write out what you believe about yourself.  Place the positive things on the left side of the paper and the negative things on the right side. You’ll be making two clear and distinct columns. When you are done, create a positive belief statement about yourself using the words from the left hand column. Write it out so it’s easy to say.

Now, light the Astro Magic Sun candle. You are going to release old negative beliefs now. Read the list on the right hand side of the paper and affirm that you are now releasing these beliefs now and forever.  Speak right into the flame so the vibration of your words is dissolved in its heat and light. Take some time after you are done to really experience the upliftment from letting all that garbage go. Even if they were true in the past, you are not taking these negative beliefs forward. You are done with them.

It’s time to stand in your power. Stand up and say aloud the positive belief you wrote.  Say it two more times. Welcome these words into your mind and heart as truth. Feel happy, charged up, and confident. Now, spray the Confidence Chakras spray into your aura. Don’t spray it in your face. Try spraying it into the air in front of you and then spin around in the mist. Do this every time you are doubting yourself, challenged and reverting back to negative thoughts or feeling a little lost and not yourself. The last and final part of this candle ritual is to live believing in yourself. It takes practice and determination. Remember your positive statement and repeat it every day. Act on your words and be the amazing person you have set free because of this candle ritual.  

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