Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Taurus on April 30, 2022

Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Taurus on April 30, 2022 

This is not the time for manifesting with magic. This energy is wild and hard to manage. With Taurus, the ruler of money, resources, possessions, physical pleasures, sensuality use this time to pamper yourself. Stay within your budget and you will avoid buyer's remorse after the fact. Here's a candle ritual that protects your investments, soothes your soul, and satisfies your body. 

Candle Ritual for Comfort and Security

You will need a Protection Blessed Herbal candle, Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal candle and an Inner Beauty Affirmation candle, three candle holders, paper and pen, a place to meditate (preferably in a bathtub), rose petals, your favorite bath oil, or a diffuser essential oil blend. 

Prepare your candles by removing all the packaging and placing them in their candle holders. In front of the Protection candle place a list of your possessions. This is to include your bank account and investment portfolio, the name of your job, family and pet names, and home addresses. Don’t forget to add your own name. Light the candle and ask for protection in areas of your life. Then visualize all your stuff and your people surrounded by protective light you initiated. 

In front of the Spiritual Cleansing candle, place a description of what needs cleansing. It could be a character weakness that keeps causing you to be upset or act out in a destructive way, or it could be a situation you find yourself in that is toxic and you feel powerless to turn around, or it could be an illness that is ravaging your body. Don’t limit yourself, put it all down to be cleansed out of your mind, body, and soul. Caution, this candle will not clean your home, but it will clear your head enough so you can clean and organize it yourself. Light your candle and surrender all that is weighing you down into the light where it will be surrendered to the universe to be transformed by the light.

When you are ready, run a bath or prepare to meditate. Place protection around you. This can be done by casting a circle, asking to be surrounded by golden light, or bringing the protection candle near to your meditation space or into the bathroom with you. Next place rose petals and favorite bath oil in your bath or place the rose petals around you and start your diffuser. Light the Inner Beauty Affirmation candle and get into the tub or sit in your meditation space. Start your relaxation meditation. Take slow deep breaths with each step. You will be letting all your stress flow out of your mind, emotions, and body. Begin by watching your troubling thoughts float out a window in your mind's eye, then release your troubled emotions into the earth, imagine your root chakra releasing the old energy into the earth too. Now focus on your body. Starting at the top of your head, relax each muscle group until you reach the tips of your toes. When you are done, ask to be filled with the intention of the Inner Beauty candle. Affirm that you are beautiful and loved and protected. Ask that this awareness fill you in all the places in your consciousness that still have doubt and resistance to this truth. As you are filled to overflowing with this universal, unconditional love from the source. Now, begin to recognize your strengths. Acknowledge them and embrace them. Vow to keep them close during times when you are challenged. 

When you are done, step out of the bath, wrap yourself in a fluffy towel and hug yourself. Or, open your eyes from your meditation, smile and hug yourself. We are so pleased you took the time to pamper yourself today. Let your candles burn for a few hours before blowing them out. If you have to leave, please extinguish your candles, you can relight them when you return. Continue to light your candles each day until they are done. Enjoy!

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