It’s May! Take a deep breath and enjoy life.

It’s about time you allow yourself some playtime!

But isn’t May Gemini season? And isn’t Gemini season about ideas, exchange, and learning new things? Yup! But Gemini is also connected to eternal youth. So, while it’s important to take the opportunity to improve yourself during this time, it’s also okay to let your hair down and have a little fun!

Need some help having fun? A little extra cash to go shopping? A more assertive attitude to demand that time off you deserve? How about a powerup on luck before that trip to Vegas? Not a problem. We’ve got the candles for you! 

Limited edition Wicked Witch Mojo candles are back for May! 

Wicked Witch Mojo Rich Bitch - $7.00
Wicked Witch Mojo Extreme Bad Ass - $7.00
Wicked Witch Mojo Hot Damn - $7.00
Wicked Witch Mojo Saint Dorothy the Wicked - $7.00
Wicked Witch Mojo Oil - 15 varieties - $4.00 each

Back by popular demand and just in time for Dorothy's May Birthday!

Our Wicked Witch Mojo candles have always been a big hit. So, when we open up the vault and bring back some special limited editions, you know they’re going to move fast!

Like all the Wicked Witch Mojo candles, these limited editions put the focus squarely and unapologetically on YOU. With beautifully designed labels, fun names, and great scents, these 4 candles are handmade and specially formulated to pack a punch.

They won’t be around for long! Get yours today!

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