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Blessed Herbal and Affirmation intention candles

Enjoy yourself this Gemini season with a special offer

It’s May already, can you believe that!? Gemini season is upon us, and it’s all about ideas, connecting with others, exchanges, and learning about new things. It's also about having some fun and enjoying ourselves. But, let's face it. The cost of having fun has gone WAY up. Luckily, Coventry Creations is here to help! We're offering 15% off of all Blessed Herbal and Affirmation candles for a limited time only.

Blessed Herbal candles - 18 styles  - $8.25  $7.01
Affirmation candles - 15 styles- $7.25  $6.16

Most companies put products that aren’t selling on sale, but not us here at Coventry Creations. We are putting our best-selling products on sale for a limited time only, so make sure you stock up before it's too late! 

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It’s a small world

While we’re here, don’t forget about our Limited Edition World Magic candles. The World Magic recipe is still the same, the only thing that has changed is the fact that now, you can hold world-sized magic in the palm of your hand. 

Stock up on Limited Edition World Magic candles before they’re gone! 

Get the most out of your magic

Our quality glass candle holders  not only make burning your candles safe and easy, they actually increase the burn time! So add some to your next order to give those intention workers a helping hand!

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