February 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

BFF Spell - February 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

When it’s time to call a BFF into your life, this spell will help you align your energy and personality to find someone you are compatible with for the long haul. This spell may even draw a circle of friends to you so get ready to feel and return the love.

BFF Spell


Write out your story on fresh paper. Describe how you like to be treated, what is important to you, and list a few strengths and faults. Be deeply honest about yourself. Next, on a new sheet of paper, write out the story of everything you are looking for in a best friend, who they are, what is important to them, and their potential strengths and faults. Anoint the papers with the Everything & Then Some oil. Hold the papers together and talk about how the two of you are compatible, how your combined compassion, community, fun, laughter, and strength will enhance each other’s lives.

Anoint the rings and dolls with the Everything & Then Some oil. If the fashion doll is hollow, roll up the paper and slip it inside the doll that aligns with the description on the paper. If the doll is not hollow, wrap the paper around the torso of the doll and tuck it under the clothes.

Place the candles, in their candle holders, in a place of honor. With the marker, write on the candle holder for the Mercury candle, “Friends are drawn to me. I know when my BFF arrives and my BFF knows me.” With the marker, write on the candle holder for the Forever Mine candle, “Our Friendship is soul-deep and stands the test of time.” Repeat aloud what you wrote as you light the candles. Place the interlocking rings on the table in front of the candles and sit each doll within a ring. Talk to the dolls, telling them each other’s stories. Extinguish the candles when you are done. Relight the candles every day, restating what you wrote on the candle holders and talking to the dolls, welcoming your new BFF into your life. Repeat this daily until both candles are completely consumed.

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