February 2023 Witches Union Spell Card - Charmed Life Spell

Charmed Life Spell Witches Union Spell Card

Part of human nature is always wanting more and only being satiated for a small amount of time. Is it possible to appreciate what we have and build upon it? Absolutely! Multiply your blessings with this month’s Witches Union spell caster club card. 


Dress the Everything and Then Some candle with the Wishin’ Mojo and Outta My Way oil. Mix ¼ teaspoon of each spice and roll the candle in the mixture.   

Place the candle and holder in your most used room, saying the candle blessing when lighting it.   

Sprinkle the rest of the spice mixture under your front door mat stating, “The universe will bring to my home the very best life has to offer.”   

Count your blessings by stating everything you are grateful for in your life. While your candle is burning, thank yourself and your divine allies for helping you attain these things. Talk to the candle and ask it to help you manifest your next round of blessings. State these blessings as if they already happened. Extinguish your candle when you cannot attend it. 

Relight your candle every day, recounting your blessings, thanking your spiritual allies, and stating that you are open to the new blessings that are coming to your life. 

Remember to never leave a burning candle unattended.

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