Hidden Resources Spell - Witches Union Spell Card

May 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

Your ancestors are a big part of your hidden resources. Honoring them, then asking for their help to find the energy, funding, or emotions that you need to accomplish your goal is just the spell that will tap into what you didn’t know you already had.

Hidden Resources Spell


Cleanse your working space, cigar box, and items you will place in the box with the smudge spray while you visualize light from the sun surrounding and filling the space until its vibration is clear and welcoming.

Light the Wakin’ the Dead candle and invite your beloved ancestors into your sacred space and ask for their assistance in your spell. Name each ancestor you can and include all unnamed and unknown ancestors who are here for your highest good.  Invite in your spirit guides and guardians. Place the pictures and images into your cigar box. Ask these spirits to fill your reserves and help you uncover your hidden resources.

Anoint the box, play money, coins, and jewelry with the Wishin’ Mojo oil. Place them in the box as you talk to your ancestors and guides, asking that the resources you need be revealed as you need them. Tell them what your current needs are and what your known future needs will be. Sprinkle the loose tobacco on top of everything in the box as an offering to these spirits and thank them for their love and support.

Close the cigar box and anoint the top with the Wishin’ Mojo oil. Place the Wakin’ the Dead candle in its holder on top of the box. Let the candle burn for a few hours while you can be attentive to it. Relight the candle every day, talk to your ancestors, and ask them to keep your reserves filled. When you need extra help, open the box and add tobacco and ask your spirits for what you need.

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