January 2023 Witches Union Spell Card - Do-Over Spell

January 2023 - Do-Over Spell Witches Union Spell Card

Oops - that went horribly wrong and you need a do-over to reclaim your integrity, identity, or intention. The Do-Over spell clears away the emotions and energy that keep you hooked into a mistake and allow you to rise above to see the larger picture, the wisdom, and a new path forward from this moment on.   


Cleanse yourself by holding one egg (in its shell,) run it through your aura, and then flush it down the toilet. Do this using each egg. 

Snip through your aura with the scissors from head to toe, cutting away the ties to your past mistakes. Go through your aura three times. 

Anoint your heart chakra, crown, and back of your head with the Healing oil to soothe the emotional hurts. Say the following blessing:

Mistakes have been made, and my vision is now clear. Do over this lesson, for a new direction I may steer

Light the three Blessed Herbal Candles in their holders (after removing all packaging) and re-state the blessing for each candle. Write down everything you have learned from this painful lesson and your emotional response to it all. Flip the paper over and write down the ways you would do things differently, including the apologies you would make or want to receive. Only burn the candles when you can attend them. Relight them every day until they are consumed. 

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