July 2022 Witches Union Spell Card - Beautiful Home Spell

July 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

You deserve a beautiful home, safe from the whirlwind and chaotic energy of the world. Stir up a scentual mixture of herbs and oils to sweeten your space and cleanse the energy. Cast a circle with your enchanting words of power to protect your humble abode.

Beautiful Home Spell


Simmer a pot of water (about 4 cups), add 1 cup of vinegar, and sprinkle in 3 Tbs. of each: sage, basil, rosemary & peppermint. Let the water simmer and fill the house with its aroma.

Fill your bowl with a cup of water then add 13 drops of the Spiritual Cleansing oil, and mix gently. In a clockwise pattern, take the bowl around your home and sprinkle the scented water with your fingertips into the space. Go through each room speaking your intention aloud so that the energy of your home will be cleared of discordant energy with every drop you release into the air. When you are done, pour the remaining water into the street away from your property.

Next, take the cooled herbal water outside and pour it around your home, walking in a counter-clockwise direction. If you live in an apartment building, go around the building.  If you run out of water, just continue without water to close the circle. If you can not do this step outside, do it inside walking as close to the outer walls as you can. Do not pour the water out, just carry it. Chant, “this home is beautiful.” Then dispose of the water away from your home.

Place the Happy Home candle in a candle holder and take it to your kitchen. Light it and say the blessing on the label. Put the candle in a safe place away from breezes, children, pets, and flammable items. Let your candle burn for about three hours, but never leave a burning candle unattended. Light your candle daily and say the blessing until it’s gone. 

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