Living the Dream Spell 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

April 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

Dust off those dreams, take a good look at them and decide if they are worthy of a little magic to make them alive and well in your life. If not, rewrite them to fit in with your new vision of your future because it’s time to live the dream you want for yourself. It’s time to stop waiting for the right time and make it the right time for you.

Living the Dream Spell



  • Chakra Magic
    • Solar Plexus Confidence candle
    • Root Chakra Success spray
  • Affirmation candle holder
  • Small gold pouch
  • Charms, pendants, or stones for luck
  • Paper and pen
  • Gold or silver marker

Listen to your favorite mood-lifting music and think about the dream life you want to live. On one side of the paper write out a description of what that dream life will look like. Turn the paper over and write out what three things need to occur for that dream life to manifest. Describe, on paper, how you will feel as these things occur and a date when they will appear or manifest in your life. Lay out the ingredients for your spell.

Light the Jupiter and/or the Solar Plexus candle (after you remove all packaging and place it in an appropriate candle holder) and mist the paper, your aura, and the other ingredients with the spray. Read your words aloud with feeling and conviction. Read it aloud again until you feel it in every level of your soul.

Write with the gold or silver marker, your name, today’s date, and the date your dream life will be manifested on both sides of the paper. Fold the paper toward yourself and repeat, “This dream or something better is manifesting in my life.” Do this 3 times, turning the paper clockwise between folds. Place this paper in the gold pouch (folding it additional times if needed).

Place your items for luck into the pouch, speaking aloud the story of each item and how it will help you live your dream. Tighten the pouch and run it through the heat of the flame to bless it. Tie it shut and carry it with you daily. Let the candle burn for 3 hours as your continue to reinforce the vision of your dream life. Relight the candle every day until consumed, restating the dream life you wrote down and that it is manifesting in your life today. 

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