June 2022 Astro Magic Forecast

June Astro Magic 2022 

The month of June brings the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and we find ourselves swimming in the healing waters of the sign of Cancer. Cancer is known for its nurturing qualities and is the sign associated with mothers and motherhood. So, while we are in the sign of the crab, our focus will be on self-care, caring for our families, family and tribal bonds, and comfort and security. 

5 Magical Ways to Make the Most of Cancer Season 

  1. Healing Magic – Cancer is the sign associated with all forms of healing. Cancer is a water sign, and the symbol of water reflects cleansing and purification. If you have health concerns that you want to work with magically, now is the time to do it. Recommended: Healing (Chakra Magic), Spiritual Cleansing (Motor City Hoodoo), Heart (Blessed Herbal) 
  2. Protection Magic – When a crab is threatened, it crawls into its shell to protect itself from the outer world. This month, protection magic is enhanced because Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon, so it receives a full dose of lunar power. So, if you need to, put up those magical walls and keep the nasties at bay. Recommended: Fiery Wall of Protection (Motor City Hoodoo), Guardian Protector (Affirmation), and Flying Monkeys (Wicked Witch Mojo) 
  3. Kitchen Magic – “Home is where the heart is,” and it is through the preparation of food that we often show our love. There are many resources available for kitchen magic, but intentionally charging herbs and foods to bring forth the energy you desire is a great way to work with Cancer energy. As my good friend Jacki Smith told me, "Everything is kitchen witchery; use what you have around you at the moment." So, the next time you grab that Frank's Hot Sauce, you can use it to heat up any area of your life that needs it. Yeah, even that area! Recommended: Moon (Astro Magic), Home Blessing (Affirmation), Home/Peace/Serenity (Blessed Herbal) 
  4. Prosperity Magic – Ordinarily, people look to Venus and the sign of Taurus for prosperity. However, Cancer is the sign of "nurturing," and it helps things grow correctly. We can use Cancer's energy to focus on what needs to grow in our lives and give ourselves the food we need. Also, suppose you have anything new that you have just given birth to, whether it be a new relationship, a business, a project, or even a living being. In that case, you can use Cancer magic to help it grow properly. Recommended: Prosperity (Blessed Herbal), Everything and Then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo), Venus (Astro Magic) 
  5. Ancestral Magic – The sign of Cancer has to do with our roots – you know those people we came from. Ancestral Magic is highly effective because it evokes spirits invested in your well being. After all, they helped (regardless of how far back they go) create you. So, put them to work whenever you can! I suggest you make an ancestral altar somewhere in your home. After all, if you honor them, they will return the favor. Recommended: Wakin' the Dead (Wicked Witch Mojo), Ancestor Candle (Blessed Herbal), Miracles (Blessing Kit)

Cosmic Overview: 

The cosmos slowed down in March, and it does it again in June, which may be a welcomed relief after a turbulent April and May. 

We start the month off with Mercury turning direct in Taurus. Of course, Mercury turning direct will clear communication issues, reduce travel problems and electronic snafus, and you can begin to make major decisions again. But there is one thing to note – Mercury turns direct in the same degree as the November 2021 lunar eclipse! Planets that station on eclipse degrees are signposts for us to revisit issues that may have surfaced (especially problematic ones) during the eclipse cycle. Furthermore, you are often presented with an opportunity that leads to resolutions in the areas of your life the eclipse triggered. 

There are a few hot spots to keep an eye on in June. The first occurs on June 16th, when the Sun squares Neptune in Pisces. Sun square Neptune is a low energy aspect, and you may feel like the world has sucked the life out of you. Additionally, you may experience feelings of inadequacy and feel overwhelmed by the duties and obligations in your life. It’s important to practice self-care, get plenty of rest, and push away self-defeating thoughts while Sun-Neptune is active. 

The second hot spot occurs on June 18th, when Venus squares Saturn. You may feel isolated and lonely at this time, and part of the reason is that you may find it difficult to relate to the people around you, or feel they do not understand you or can empathize with your situation. You may need to take a deep look at your relationships (all of them) and ensure your needs are being met. If not, you may need to put some work and effort into improving them or letting them go altogether. 

Finally, we close the month of June with a beautiful aspect between Venus and Jupiter. Venus-Jupiter is an extremely positive aspect that can improve your relationships, your financial situation, and clear up legal problems. Use the end of the month to reach out to friends, family, and acquaintances and have a little fun. After all, you deserve it. 

Recommended: Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer (Astro Magic), Poof (Wicked Witch Mojo), Emotional Balance (Blessed Herbal), Jupiter (Astro Magic)

Lunar Magic 

The Full Moon in Sagittarius: 

This month, the Full Moon occurs in fiery Sagittarius on the 14th. The Full Moon cycle reflects the need to let go of areas governed by the sign they are in, and in the case of Sagittarius, it’s our beliefs that are on the chopping block. Letting go of beliefs can be daunting, because they have often propped us up and been a main feature of our personal psychology. However, now is the time to let go of outdated beliefs that may no longer be useful, and may be hindering personal growth. 

Recommended: Full Moon (Astro Magic), Uncrossing (Motor City Hoodoo), Truth and Justice (Blessed Herbal) 

The New Moon in Cancer:

The peak of Cancer season occurs on June 28th with the New Moon. The New Moon in Cancer is about new beginnings in Cancer's domain – home, family, security, and even fertility. It's a great time to do protection magic, financial magic, and if you want to add an addition (either through pregnancy or modifying your home), this would be an excellent New Moon to do it. 

Recommended: New Moon (Astro Magic), Goddess (Affirmation), Home/Peace/Serenity (Blessed Herbal) 

Weekly Breakdown 

May 30, 2022 – June 5, 2022 

We begin the week with the New Moon in Gemini, which occurs early in the morning on Memorial Day. The Moon in Gemini is perfect for a get together, barbecues, and lively conversations. However, be prepared on Tuesday for a major case of holiday hangover as the Moon squares nebulous Neptune. Expect morning brain fog, mild communication issues, and it’s best to avoid shady people.

The Moon moves into emotional Cancer during the middle of the week, and it’s the perfect time to do healing work and practice self-care. A little rest and relaxation may be in order. But be careful in your dealings with family members that push your buttons, because the Moon forms a contentious square to Mars in Aries, and eruptions may easily occur. 

This weekend Mercury turns direct in Taurus and opposes the degree of the May 15th lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Pay close attention to the events that occurred Mid-May, because they may resurface over the weekend. The good news is that the final resolution to long standing difficulties may be in the works. While Mercury remains in Taurus, it’s best to stick to hard core facts, so that you make the best choices and decisions moving forward. 

Recommended: Protection (Blessed Herbal), Moon (Astro Magic), Mercury Rx Neutralizer (Astro Magic)

June 6, 2022 – June 12, 2022 

We start the second week of June with the Moon moving through dutiful Virgo. The Moon in Virgo is the best time of the month to clear up your to-do list, complete tasks, and take care of your responsibilities. Since the Virgo Moon is ruled by Mercury (now direct in Taurus), it’s also an excellent time to focus on finances, create budgets, and balance your checkbook. 

During the middle of the week, the Moon will move into relationship-oriented Libra. Your focus will be on your relationships (all of them). Cleaning up issues with others and doing what you can to improve relationships is a proactive way to work with Libran energy. However, be careful on Thursday, because 

the Moon opposes headstrong Mars in Aries, and this highly emotional combination can provoke arguments. 

This weekend, Mercury trines Pluto and Venus conjoin Uranus. You may feel a bit of restlessness and crave some excitement in your life. If you’ve felt smothered in your relationships, there may be the urge to break free and do your own thing. It’s also an excellent weekend to spend some time alone, working 

on yourself, and getting in touch with your inner being, your wants, and your desires. Your newfound self-discoveries may surprise you. 

Recommended: Prosperity (Blessed Herbal), Tranquil Home (Motor City Hoodoo), Mercury (Astro Magic)

June 13, 2022 – June 19, 2022 

Astrologically speaking, summer arrives a few days early this year as Mercury moves back into Gemini. Mercury in Gemini is perfect for fun in the sun, frolicking on the beach, and socializing with others. Mercury moving into Gemini dovetails into the Full Moon in the opposite party sign of Sagittarius. So, it may be difficult to focus on practical duties and responsibilities, because you will feel the urge to have a bit of fun. 

Towards the middle of the week, we have a collision of opposites, as the Sun trines productive Saturn and squares befuddling Neptune. You may feel the urge to get things done, but outside forces may alter your plans. Try to focus on tasks that give you the most benefit, and leave the rest for a more favorable astrological period. 

This week will be rough, with Venus in square to Saturn spreading its energies across the cosmos. You may go through moments of feeling alone and isolated from the rest of the world, and you may have difficulties relating to others. For those in relationships, this is an appropriate time to look at whether 

your needs are being met in your relationships. Seek to find solutions to your problems, and look inward for answers on how you can improve your connection to others. 

Recommended: Mercury (Astro Magic), Inner Balance (Blessed Herbal), Love (Affirmation)

June 20, 2022 – June 26, 2022 

We start the week with a beneficial aspect between Mercury and Jupiter. Your mind will be on overdrive with numerous ideas, and you will feel inspired to make positive changes in your life. Mercury sextile Jupiter is excellent for business activities and setting goals for the future. On Tuesday, besides the Sun moving into Cancer, Venus trines Pluto in Capricorn. Venus trine Pluto gives you deep insight into your relationships, and this will help them become more fulfilling. 

The middle of the week features Venus moving out of Taurus and into Gemini. You will need more than physical attraction and romantic love to make your relationship work. Venus in Gemini needs to be mentally stimulating. You will want to share your ideas with your partners and explore new things that have caught your interest. Also, you will find it easier to express yourself in your relationships, while Venus is in the sign of the twins. Venus remains in Gemini until July 17th

On Friday and Saturday, the Moon moves through earthy Taurus. It’s an excellent weekend to relax, enjoy some leisure and great food, and simply live your life. On Sunday, the Moon moves into social Gemini. You will feel the need to connect with others and satisfy your social needs. So, gather up your inner circle and make a day of it. 

Recommended: Jupiter (Astro Magic), Everything and then Some (Wicked Witch Mojo), Love’s Enchantment (Blessed Herbal)

June 27, 2022 – July 3, 2022 

Overall, this week is positive, with a small hiccup as we move into the holiday weekend. 

We start with a lovely aspect between Mars and Saturn. Mars sextile Saturn is an excellent time to start a project or work on things to get ahead of the game. Saturn is all about the details, and he will help you stay focused on the end game, rather than the day-to-day ups and downs. On Tuesday, the Sun squares Jupiter and Venus sextiles Jupiter. Together, these two aspects are optimistic, help you get ahead, and if used correctly will improve your financial standing. 

During the middle of the week, the Moon will move through family-oriented Cancer. With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, it’s a great time to reach out to loved ones and let them know you care. However, avoid family members that are problematic, because you may inadvertently stir the pot. 

This weekend, Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury squares Neptune. You may experience power struggles with others, especially people who will do anything to get ahead. Communication issues may also be tricky, so check and verify everything before making decisions. 

Recommended: Road Opener (Motor City Hoodoo), Home Blessing (Affirmation), Mercury (Astro Magic)

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