Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw standing in front of a Coventry Creations sign

The History of Coventry Creations

Thirty years ago, a smart and spunky 24-year-old quit her day job and started a company that revolutionized an industry. Jacki Smith’s approach to business and marketing was unconventional, but she was confident it would work. Jacki set out to show people that magic isn’t just for witches and wizards. She believed magic was for everyone and that everyday people were using magic all the time without even knowing it. And, not seeing a good product to introduce intention work to a larger audience, she set out to create her own line of inspirational candles. 

Coventry Creation’s first headquarters was located in Jacki’s kitchen. But, after spilling 10 pounds of wax on the floor, she made the executive decision to move the operation to the basement. Resources were limited so being resourceful was key. Working with a tiny budget, she made her own candle molds for what would become the Blessed Herbal candles using pvc pipe and caps – resulting in the now famous tall and slender shape. 

Success came quickly as her candles and message struck a chord with both intention workers and the magic curious. The Blessed Herbal candles immediately became the industry standard for intentional candles and their popularity, along with their unique size and shape, inspired more than a few imitators. And, as the business grew, Jacki found that she could no longer go at it alone. Enter Patty Shaw, Jacki’s sister, who joined Coventry Creations a year and a half later. They became partners and evolved into a powerful team, conspiring together to improve the world one candle at a time.

30 years later, Jacki and Patty have grown Coventry Creations into the most well-known and respected intention candle maker in the world with over 20 different product lines gracing store shelves on nearly every continent. The basement days are long gone and the company now operates out of a specialized candle making facility in beautiful Ferndale, Michigan where skilled magic makers hand pour over 2,000 candles a day.