Wicked Witch Mojo candles on a shelf

Displaying Coventry Creations Intention Candles and Other Magical Products

Quickly moving products from your backdoor to your store shelves and out your front door is the goal of retailers everywhere. Even when you know you have the products your customers want, if they’re not displayed in a way to maximize their appeal and visibility, you could be losing out on valuable sales.

To get Coventry Creations intention candles, oils, sprays, and other magical products streaming out your doors in the arms of your customers, try the following tips.

  1. Consider the sight lines! Ensure our products are visible from the front of your store. This can be easy by placing our intention candles, which are large and colorful, at eye level. That way they can be seen even when they are located behind other displayed merchandise.
  2. Use our point of purchase materials! Free to all of our customers, our shelf talkers, wall posters, and other in-store marketing materials are a great way to catch a customer’s eye or let them know what our intention candles and other products are all about.
  3. Keep those shelves filled! This might just sound like we just want you to buy more candles from us (and we do), but research has shown that people are attracted to shelves that are stacked high and filled deep.
  4. You gotta keep ‘em separated! We’re all about mixing it up with our fellow candle makers, just not on the store shelves. Making sure products are separated by type and brand helps customers easily find what they need and cuts down on confusion.
  5. Don’t forget to block and face! It’s one of the most tedious parts of retail store management – constantly walking your aisles to ensure your products are neatly aligned and all the labels are facing outward. But, it’s one of the most important things you can do.

Below are a few examples of how others are displaying our intention candles, oils, sprays, and other magical products.

Eye Level

You don’t need a ton of space! These intention candles are placed at eye level to maximize visibility. A great example of how to make the most of limited shelf space.

Counter Display

Small products can get the big treatment! Counters are a great place to display smaller products like our oils and sprays. This one get’s extra points for the carousel!


A wall of awesomeness! Look at all those beautiful, colorful intention candles lined up just begging to go home with lucky customers. Honestly, display checks all the boxes!