Meet the Owners

Jacki Smith sitting surrounded by Coventry Creations candles
President & CEO
Jacki Smith

Businesswoman, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, social media personality, visionary, and witch.

Jacki Smith is the multitalented founder of Coventry Creations, an internationally known, rapidly growing candle factory in Ferndale, MI as well as a co-owner of the magically quaint Candle Wick Shoppe less than a mile away.

Jacki didn’t just start a candle company, she jump started an entire industry, being the first to market with her Blessed Herbal Candles in 1992 and paving the way for countless intention candlemakers since.

30 years and over 2 million candles later

Jacki not only leads a successful manufacturing business, she also teaches spiritual development classes, hosts podcasts, volunteers, and is a best selling author of “The Big Book of Candle Magic,” “Coventry Magic,” and co-author of “DIY Akashic Wisdom” with her sister and business partner, Patty Shaw. Through her candles, books, and teachings, Jackie has dedicated her life to the mission of normalizing the words “Witch” and “Magic” in everyday life.

Vice President & General Manager
Patty Shaw

Businesswoman, entrepreneur, author, teacher, spiritual counselor, and healer.

Patty Shaw is a co-owner, vice president, and general manager of Coventry Creations, an internationally known, rapidly growing candle factory in Ferndale, MI. Initially joining the company to offer temporary assistance to her sister, Jacki Smith (then the sole owner), Patty quickly became a permanent fixture and instrumental part of Coventry Creations meteoric rise.

Nearly 30 years later she has worked in every department from marketing to operations and now shares ownership and executive responsibilities. In addition to her position atop Coventry Creations, Patty holds certifications in Direct Divine Light Healing through Spiritual Arts Institute, Holy fire Reiki through the International Center for Reiki Training, and co-created a certification healing program called the School of Akashic Healing. She’s also written two books, “DIY Akashic Wisdom” with co-author Jacki Smith, and “Healers Almanac.”