5 Quick Ways to Kindle Your Magic Spark

Beginner or long-term mystic, there are moments when that magic spark eludes us. If this is you today, have a sit-down and give yourself a long hug because you need it and there is nothing wrong with you. Every spiritual and creative person runs their well dry and feels like their magic is gone. It may feel like forever, but I promise you it is not. This is a moment in your life that is screaming for magic self-care.

Try one (or all) of the five following activities and watch your energy refill and your magic rekindle, ready to activate your next powerful spell. 

1 - Count your blessings - I know, so basic, but so effective. Start with the breath in your lungs and the day that dawns anew and keep finding things to be grateful for. Gratitude magic is powerful stuff and so underappreciated. Flipping the script of that downward spiral shows you how powerful you really are and helps you remember what it is like when you felt magical.

In the throws of one of my biggest failures where I didn’t know if I would be able to stay in business for another day I decided to wipe my tears and find gratitude for the people who helped me along the way. I found gratitude for being able to have a business for so long and for all the lives I touched and everything I learned. I remembered the customers who called me with stories of how we helped them. I decided at that moment if my business ended today, I did an amazing job and felt blessed. I was refilled, remembered my purpose in life, and my spirit was opened to listening to the wisdom and direction of my guides. I found a new way forward and we went from surviving to thriving over a course of a few years. It wasn’t easy, but I had to refill the empty well of my spirit and energy. 

2- Shore up your protection and security - Now is the time to make sure you are grounded, centered, and your shields are up. Get greedy with your energy for a bit and take stock of who you let inside the walls of your castle. Are your trusted circle of friends still a good return on energy for you? Do you feel secure in your home and environment? Those leaks of energy can drain you of magic. You don’t realize how much background effort you are putting into your security. 

I had to move away from my home due to being burglarized repeatedly. At least once a month there was some attempt to break into our house and within a 6-month period, our house was cleared of all of our valuables twice by thieves. I didn’t realize how constantly on alert and drained I was until we moved into a new home. When your peace and security are not in balance, it’s like a leak in your energy that never gets refilled. 

3 - Connect at the heart level and laugh - Do you remember the last time you sat around with a friend or two and laughed until your face and sides hurt? Do you remember the last time you connected with a friend and just that one short conversation refilled both of you for weeks? These connections are magic and a quick refill for your spirit and magic. Seek out your people, seek out new people. Say nice things to a stranger, give the guy at the car wash a crazy big tip, or do some other random act of kindness without expectation of return and watch your energy naturally fill. This works because this is a heart-level connection, offering divine blessings. 

About 10 years ago, after my car wash, all I had was $20 in my wallet and the attendant did a lovely job with a fun attitude. I gave him the $20. It was a stretch for me, it was my last $20, but I just felt the need to appreciate this human. He was so excited about this tip that my car got a bit of extra care and I saw his appreciation for the big tip. That day ended up being an amazing day of love and connection where ever I went. It was one of my best days ever. 

4 - Write a letter to your past self - There are a lot of things that happened in your past that may still be influencing you today. Those things drain your energy and sap your magic. Write a letter to your past self giving them the wisdom you have gained today about the situation and help yourself re-write your future. Your younger self is still replaying the fear or anger in your mind, triggering emotions that disempower you. Forgive your younger self, ask for their forgiveness in return and show them that you now know a better way to manage your energy. 

I surprise myself with how well this works. Just the other day as I was allowing myself to cry over a stressful situation, I started talking about how this happened in the past and it was happening again. It wasn’t happening again, but I was emotionally back 30 years ago in the middle of that trauma. I told my younger self that this is different and that I have a new way of managing the situation and my energy. Verbalizing this changed everything in that moment and I was able to find my magical spark again and remembered how magical I really am. 

5 - Spend time with a tree - If you can find a grove of trees, even better. Trees have a way of pulling unhealthy and excess energy from you that is clogging up your system. Sitting at the base of a tree naturally grounds and centers your energy. Sit there quietly for fifteen minutes and the peace you will feel will last all day. This type of clearing is natural and easy. No tools are needed. As you make friends with the tree you can start to feel its “heartbeat”, the way it sways within the air currents. You can start to feel the connection to the entire planet. Don’t have a tree? Visualize a tree grounding where you feel roots growing from your root chakra and branches growing from your crown chakra and connect to all of nature that way.

I started out learning how to do a tree grounding before I learned about making friends with trees. Leaning on a tree and feeling its connection to other trees is powerful and fascinating. There is a secret life within trees!

Your magic is there waiting for you. If magic is new to you, belief is the key. Do the work, believe, and watch as your goal manifests. Magic is always there, waiting for your invitation to sparkle and shine in your life!