6 Powerful Ways to Conquer Hate with Love

I’m a little scared you guys. I am nervous about what is happening to my people. I am shocked at what people, who are normally loving and supportive, are saying. I am terrified at the media reporting on the seemingly vast amount of folks reverting to their fears and hate and calling it “telling it like it is.

I am tired, worn out, and stressed over everything and I feel like this pulse of hate that is enveloping this country is eating my soul. I am not one who becomes absorbed in politics but I find that I cannot stop talking about it. I am feeling the repercussions of staying in a place of fight or flight, and I am watching how this is draining everyone around me. I’m a little scared.

Being scared means it is time to find love, light, and purpose. Being scared means that it is time to do the work.

Astrologically there is a reason why this energy is affecting us all. We are experiencing two major outer planet squares; Jupiter sq. Saturn and Saturn sq. Neptune is causing our outer world to affect our inner world. But, in true Jacki form, I always look at this as an opportunity to heal, not a reason to retreat. (For more information on the astrological influences visit http://stormcestavani.com/)

I look at my fear the same way. This is a clear and blatant sign from my higher self, positive ego, and/or divine connection that old issues are ripe for healing. This shows me that collectively in our society this is a test – do we heal or do we regress? Don’t waste a moment on fear and hate, all it does when you open the door to it is craving more and more of the same hate and fear. This beast of hate will show you more and more things to hate and become the never-ending addiction to justify more and more hate.

I am ending this spiral of fear and hate for myself by using 6 simple yet powerful tools. These are not new or unique and I am one of many saying the same thing. I am one of many and collectively we can be the change we wish to see in the world. Singularly it feels like we are lost in an ocean of pain, but if we continue to use our voice to find each other and lovingly send this message, over and over and over again we will find each other and grow stronger together.

I invite you to spend this month with me using these 6 simple and powerful tools to conquer hate with love. I am going to journal for myself how challenging these tools are to use, but at the end of the journey, I may just be transformed. Share with me and others how using these tools can change your personal game and then energetically join with me on April 27th to send more love into the world in a big collective release….


Here are the tools

  1. Recognize your own hate. We all have moments or ingrained beliefs where hate is the driving force. Hate is a strong word and has many levels from judgment to annoyance, to triggers, to outright anger. Obviously, hate can be aimed racially, politically, gender-biased, sexual orientation biased, and religiously biased. It can also be hate against anyone who made you feel like a victim or oppressed you. It can be hate against injustice or waste or anything that can be justified in your heart and mind. Know where you hate, own where you hate, and ask yourself if that hate is of benefit to you.
  2. Practice random acts of kindness. It is easy to be kind to strangers or people who are nice to you, it is more challenging to be kind to people who are not pleasant to you, or people who are outside of your comfort zone. What would happen in your life if you were nice to someone who was taking their bad day out on you? How would you feel about yourself if you went out of your way to bring kindness to someone who challenges your compassion?
  3. Avoid perpetuating hate; turn it into love (even in social media). This is a hard one. How do you transform your anger into love, especially when you see someone go off in the wrong direction? What do you do when someone mouths off in a hateful way and you have a burning need to stop them in their tracks? This is a hard one that is answered by those exact questions. At the moment when I see untruths turning into prejudicial hate, I ask myself that exact question. “How do I write (or talk) about love in a powerful and transformative way? Can I diffuse this hate with my words?” The answer is never the same twice and it is never easy. I also ask myself if my answer would bait the bear or if my answer would diffuse. If I am baiting the bear, I make a choice to share something loving on my own social media because there is always room for a positive message.

  4. Avoid gossip - and correct yourself when you discover you have done it. Gossip is as simple as observing and sharing your observations. Gossip is when you are repeating information that is none of your business. We all do it, we all take a moment to pass judgment and share that with others. We do it to feel better about ourselves, belong, or justify our actions. We talk about our kids, our parents, co-workers, spouses, etc. We call it “All in good fun” or maybe we call it what it is gossip. This is one of the hardest of the 6 ways to conquer hate with love, but you can do it – or at least own up to when you do it.

  5. Make amends and forgive yourself. There are those old reactions to past relationships hanging out, affecting our present and being the filter that we are judging all interactions. Those feelings from past events are really important to process honestly (and one at a time). As you find yourself reacting intensely to situations that may not call for that level of emotion or finding that the same old issue is repeating itself, you may need to do some self-loving care and work on forgiveness. When you have been in the wrong, admit it to yourself and if safe, to the other person. When you are holding onto anger or shame, work on letting that go and forgiving yourself. Forgiveness is when you stop defining your future from your past experiences.

  6. Stop hating on yourself. How many times a day do you criticize yourself? Call yourself fat, dumb, ugly, or berate yourself for a mistake? Stop it. When you hate on yourself you are filling your soul with pain and when it becomes too much, all you can do is pass that pain onto another. Be gentle with yourself for one day. Love yourself first and you will create more room in your heart to love others.

Can you see how after 20 days of working on these 6 simple acts of love your life can be transformed? Now add to that, a national/worldwide day of love!

On April 27th – throughout the day, I invite everyone and anyone to join me in feeding the love in the world. 6pm EDT, I will be doing a simple ritual where we transform our fear and hatred into love. It is a very simple ritual where we write down the fear and hate we feel on a piece of paper, anoint that paper with Healing Blessed Herbal Oil, and then use the ashes to write messages of love to share with others.

You can do this or any other ritual at home and help us fill the world with love.