A Charmed Life Waits On No Witch

Limited Edition Wicked Witch Mojo Candles“If you were a really good witch/psychic/healer you would be rich by now.” Everyone who has heard that line raise your hand. Everyone who has thought that of themselves raise your other hand. Now that both of your hands are up, it’s a hold-up and you have just been robbed – of a charmed life.

No, you cannot easily divine for the lotto numbers, but you can heal the issue within you that keeps you in a state of disconnect from the abundance of the universe. Yes, you have heard this before but I challenge you to actually level this up by pulling out your inner Wicked Witch and getting a little selfish to create a charmed life.

If you are waiting on permission to have a charmed life, you are going to get dusty.

Are you appalled that I said it’s time to get selfish? That is a difficult idea for many of us. We spent our childhood being taught how to share, not be selfish and put the needs of others before our own and we walked into our adult life continuing that pattern to our own detriment. There is nothing wrong with being taught as a child to share and care for others - otherwise, we would end up narcissistic psychopaths. In adulthood, we have to find the balance between when to be selfish and when to be giving. It is a fine balance of self-care and care of others, as one feeds the other. When we think of self-care as selfish, we dampen our personal power and wait for permission to take charge of our lives.

The harsh reality, once we get into the adult world, is that no one is waiting to give you permission to live a charmed life. You have to give yourself permission and you do that by reaching for what you want and taking action to get it. We have to get a little wicked (in the best possible ways.)

Dorothy Morrison, witch, author, speaker, and charmed woman has become one of my role models for living a charmed life. Every February since 2011, Coventry declares it’s the “Month of Dorothy” and does something fun and wicked to celebrate her. In 2017, we are bringing back limited edition Dorothy Morrison candles; Hot Damn, Rich Bitch, Extreme Bad Ass, and St Dorothy the Wicked. These 4 candles have proven themselves to be powerful tools to grab onto that charmed life and make it yours!

Order your Dorothy Morrison Limited Edition candles and you have the tools to power up a charmed life. Get a few of each as they will be sold out by the end of the month and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to create some big magic this year.

When you live the magic, get a little selfish, and touch wicked, life can get really good.

These 4 candles stand alone in their power. They can also be combined to take you further than you ever thought possible. The trick here is to proceed without apology, declare what you want and take the steps to get it.

Hot Damn – The Ultimate Good Luck Generator - This candle is amazing in its ability to create opportunity, put you in the right place at the right time, and open the door to success.

When you are looking to increase your luck for whatever reason, light the candle, say the incantation, and then spend time talking to the candle about what you want the result to be. Good luck at the casino, a new job, scholarships, new customers, better luck on eharmony… Pay attention, I’m leading you into some amazing magic here. Get yourself a penny (better if it’s one you just found) and dip it into the wax and place that in a piece of cloth and carry it with you. If you are looking for money, carry it in your wallet. If you are looking for a date, carry it in your pocket or bra. If you are looking for more customers, put it in your cash register or on your desk…. You get it, place your new lucky coin in a place that symbolizes the Hot Damn luck you want.

Extreme Bad Ass – Personal Power Accelerator - This is your ultimate road opener and gumption generator. If you are hesitant in grabbing your power in any way, light this candle and let its energy guide you to a moment of complete badassness. There are many ways we dampen our power, not the least of them is fear of our own greatness.

When you need a boost of courage and self-confidence, light the Extreme Bad Ass Candle and say the incantation. Grab a large fire-safe bowl. Write one fear or limitation on a small piece of paper and ignite it from the candle. Drop the paper into the fire-safe bowl and let it burn. Do this over and over again to get your fears and limitations out. Go outside and scatter the ash to the wind. Get a new piece of paper and write down all the ways you are a badass. Drip some of the candle wax on the list and carry that with you. Add to your list daily, even if you are writing the same things over and over again.

Rich Bitch – Triple X Money Magnet – This well-loved candle has proven its worth again and again. At Coventry, we get calls all year round looking for this candle. There is something about declaring that you are a Rich Bitch as you light this candle that just powers up your magic and manifests the cash you need. This is more than just a fast cash candle, the Rich Bitch candle combines the speed of a money draw, combines it with the forward momentum of a Success candle, and then anchors in with the longevity of a Prosperity candle.

Power up your Rich Bitch energy even more by writing yourself a few checks from the universe. The first check is dated for this month and is for the immediate cash you need. The second check is the money you will need for the next 6 months and shows the Universe your growing earning potential. The 3rd check is the amount of money you want to have in savings at the end of the year. Be reasonable and stretch yourself at the same time. Light your Rich Bitch candle, put it in its holder, and then place it on top of the checks. Tape a $20 bill face around the candle holder to show your money that it is growing. When the candle is done, put that $20 in your savings account.

St Dorothy the Wicked – The Magic Miracle Worker - If you ever met Dorothy, you would know that she has a legitimate answer to every question. Even if she doesn’t have the exact answer, she knows who does. Dorothy also has a concert of saints and spirits who she talks to every day and when you use this candle to call upon St Dorothy, you call upon her spirit allies too.

When you need a special favor from the spirit world to solve an impossible situation, first, gather up all of your change in the house. Put the St Dorothy candle in its candle holder and surround it with all the change that you have. Write out your petition for assistance and place it on top of the change. Let the candle burn for three days and put all the new change you acquire on top of the petition. On the 4th day, take all the change and the petition and give it to the poor box at your local church, or any place that helps hungry children. Shred your petition and bury it in the dirt close to where you donated the money. Do this every 3 days until the candle burns out. Your situation should clear up within 7 days of your candle is complete.

There are more ways to use these products in combination with other Wicked Witch Mojo products. Just give a listen to the “Life Reinvented” class Dorothy did at the Candle Wick Shoppe https://youtu.be/PWY7obC3wQE for even more ideas.