Altar Setup Basics

You’re ready to start your magical journey and get your altar set up, and we’re ready to help! If you didn’t know already, your altar can be anywhere you want it to be. In your car, an old tree stump in your backyard, the side table in your bedroom, anywhere! Once you pick a spot, follow these next steps to set up your altar! 

Altar Setup Steps

Once you have picked the spot you want to set up your altar, start by breathing slowly for 30 breaths at a quarter of the speed you would normally breathe. It will take about a minute, by doing this, you help move your brain into the alpha state and slow down the mental chatter.

Next, you’re going to acknowledge the compass directions one by one, turning to face each of them. This will get your energy into the space, creates a container and boundary for your energy, and honors the caretaking spirit of the place.

Get grounded in this space. You can do that with grounding visualizations, or you can stomp your feet as if you were rooting yourself. You can also wiggle your toes into the ground to connect to its essence.

When setting up an altar, it is important to cleanse the space. You can use a smudging technique using herbs and woods, sound vibrations, light, energy visualizations, or laughter. Fun fact, laughter does an amazing job at clearing energy.

Lastly, invite your ancestors and divine allies to join you in this space. It is ready for them and the candle spells you are about to do here! 

Now you have a safe, cleansed space to start making magic! You can find more information on altars in Jacki Smith’s The Big Book of Candle Magic.